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Franchise Management Expert Evan Hackel of Ingage Consulting is Keynote Speaker at Exciting Windows! National Conference

Franchise Management Expert Evan Hackel of Ingage Consulting is Keynote Speaker at Exciting Windows! National Conference


A  member of the International Franchise Association and New England Franchise Association, Hackel spoke to Exciting Windows! franchisees on the topic of ''Reaching Higher Together''. Hackel discussed what Exciting Windows! could accomplish if everyone worked together and focused on the company's vision.


"We've received far more favorable feedback from Evan Hackel's 'Reaching Greater Together' presentation than any in our seven year conference history. His presentation added to the strength of Exciting Windows! and pride of our members to be component of this movement to benefit homeowners all through North America and beyond. It has helped develop the teamwork and belief that are essential for a wonderful organization of franchisees/licensees," stated Exciting Windows! Chairman/CEO, Steven C. Bursten.


Hackel has a lot more than 25 years of franchise expertise having developed, implemented and managed 3 successful new franchise systems.

His expertise consists of overseeing four distinct business systems representing more than billion in annual saels by way of 2,000 locations in four countries at CCA Global Partners, 1 of the largest privately held businesses in the U.S. An expert in team dynamics, ideal practices, and turnaround methods in franchising, Hackel is typically hired to assessment and analyze franchise organizations provide recommendations and facilitate strategic preparing.


Hackel is accessible for speaking engagements. Devoted to helping franchise organization achieve their short and lengthy term objectives via franchisor and franchisee engagement, Hackel can speak to a franchise organization's audiences on a variety of topics including:


The Want for Adjust

Reaching Employ Together – Why engaged franchses make all the difference.

The Franchise Covenent – The roles and responsibilities of the organization and the individual.

Generating the Most of Your Research – Presenting analyzed data to the management team and franchisees.

Client Excellence – The power of the individual and the client service chain.

Selling Strategies/Skills – The Four P's of Selling and much more.

Engagement: A Key Driver of Franchise Success


"Basically, we aid franchise businesses develop competitive positive aspects by reinforcing the drivers of good results which are cooperation, commitment, passion and loyalty.

The crucial to reinforcement is communication," explained Hackel, who is usually engaged by franchise organizations to facilitate and improve communication.


To arrange a speaking engagement with Evan Hackel, get in touch with (781) 569-5900.


About Ingage Consulting

Ingage Consulting is a management consulting firm that works with franchisors and franchisees to increase the franchise organization's culture which in turn increases sales and satisfaction improves growth and retention and boosts loyalty and profits.


Ingage Consulting offers solutions that drive the cooperation, commitment, passion and loyalty of franchisors and franchisees. They supply distinctive services that support solve the problems of franchises in a number of methods. Operating closely with clients, the Ingage Consulting team swiftly and thoughtfully assesses, understands and devises solutions to a franchise organization's challenges. Leaders come away with tips for improvement, such as techniques for maximizing collaboration amongst franchisees/licensees and a clear method and execution program for alter, customized to meet organizational objectives. Ingage Consulting's confirmed techniques to improve collaboration brings about higher productivity and achievement on several levels. In short, Ingage Consulting makes franchises more effective.


Ingage Consulting is situated at 400 Trade Center, Suite 5900 in Woburn, MA. For more info, contact (781) 569-5900 or check out the internet site www.ingage.net.