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?Extra Mile Day? Declared by 108 Cities and 6 States

Marina Del Rey, CA (Vocus) October 27, 2010

Across the United States, 108 cities and 6 states have declared November 1, 2010, Added Mile Day by, a day to honor and recognize people and organizations that are demonstrating an additional mile spirit in service and effort. In association with the Added Mile America Foundation, mayors and governors across the nation on both sides of the political aisle have come together to remind folks that the greatest success and adjust in life comes from individual and organizational effort in ?going the added mile.?

To support the November 1 day, Executive Director of the Extra Mile America Foundation, Shawn Anderson, is crossing the nation on a speaking tour to share a passionate message that genuine transform in life does not come from a government program, a boss, or a spouse. It comes from ?going the additional mile? and putting forth higher effort in all that we do individually. Set to speak over 100 times in between August and November 1 in cities from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, Anderson has shared his motivational message with service clubs, high schools, churches, colleges, non-profit organizations, homeless shelters, and has keynoted fundraising events.

?We all speak about wanting adjust?happiness?much more opportunity,? says Anderson. ?However, relying on other people to make that take place is only wishing for life to get far better. Taking individual responsibility?and going the extra mile individually?is exactly where accurate achievement is discovered.?

Shawn?s extra mile motivational message has had a positive impact on audiences across the nation. ?Shawn is dynamic in both his message and presentation. He is all heart and soul a genuine individual with whom we can all relate,? says Gail Marshall, an Anaheim California Rotarian. Jerry Billington with Faith City Ministries in Amarillo, Texas, stated, ?To say the least, Shawn was incredibly inspirational to our homeless guests as properly as our students. They are nonetheless referring to ?going the additional mile.??

Very first spreading the ?go the additional mile? message across the U.S. in 2009, Anderson utilized a symbolic 4,000-mile ocean-to-ocean bike ride. On the ride, the 47-year-old, non-bicyclist produced motivational events in 21 national cities. At these events, Anderson interviewed more than 200 folks who had been recognized as going the added mile in overcoming personal setback or who had risked every thing in order to accomplish one thing extraordinary. Soon after the ninety-day tour, Anderson personally gave away $ ten,000 to those people whose stories he located specially inspiring. A lot of of these motivating stories are captured in Anderson?s fifth book, Additional Mile America: Stories of Inspiration, Possibility and Purpose.

?I spent time with folks who overcame tragedy?and designed a thing excellent. I spent time with other people who built extraordinary organizations based on their passion alone.? Anderson continues, ?All of these men and women had succeeded in walking life?s hot coals?and they all succeeded in coming across to the other side determined to make a real life distinction.?

?Occasions are tough for many people?no doubt. But the ?go the extra mile? message provides folks an alternative to just throwing their arms in the air and saying ?I give up,?? Anderson says. ?We all have the selection when times get tough to dig deep?do much more?try harder?and affect practically each area of our life in a positive way.?

Anderson is available for motivational speaking, corporate education, achievement coaching, and group fundraising.