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Bill Benjamin
The Science Behind Wonderful Leaders

How will you manage growing organization demands, and still uncover time to coach your men and women? These are familiar questions that all leaders face – and few have the solutions to these problems more clearly than Bill Benjamin, http://ihhp.com/bill.htm, an professional in the cutting edge science of Emotional Intelligence, http://ihhp.com/what_is_eq.htm.

EI is the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions and to connect to the emotions of others. Excellent leaders are able to manage their emotions when there is tension and conflict so they can engage far more skillfully. Fantastic leaders know that emotions are infectious –

and Bill Benjamin has a rare perspective – he has advanced degrees in Mathematics and Laptop or computer Science and has 15 years of real-globe enterprise expertise as a senior leader. Bill brings a straightforward look at the brain science of emotions that drive your leadership behaviors. He supplies the practical tools that you can apply to engage your team and drive higher performance.

, a profitable international company, lately named one of the "Fastest Growing Organizations" in the "Fast 100" ranking in PROFIT Magazine.  As a speaker, Bill has inspired and educated audiences of 30 to 2000 at leadership retreats, sales meetings, IT forums and association events. Bill’s presentations offer genuine-world methods that men and women will apply right away.

"Exceptional presentation! You did a terrific job of applying your subject contextually to mission safety at NASA. I wanted to hear a lot more.
Great program!"
Johnson Space Center

In a couple of difficult situations right after the session, my Squadron instantly put the strategies touse! Thanks, Bill."
Major John Hutter
Air National Guard

"This program is getting a really effective impact on my life! I think everybody could benefit from attending his presentations!"
Ken Toeller
Director of Finance

"Awesome presentation! Bill exceeded our expectations. I like the way Bill brings science to our understanding of human behavior in an accessible and inspiring way.
Gregg Michell
RBC Royal Bank

Bill understands the barriers preventing leaders from growing profits and nurturing a healthy corporate culture. Bill struggled early in his career as a leader. He applied the same EI tactics he teaches, enabling him to engage his team members – ultimately growing a computer software organization from million in sales to million.

Bill’s practical and scientific approach to leadership, combined with his advanced degrees in Mathematics and Pc Science, make him a hit with analytical audiences. His experience in sales gives him a high degree of power and enthusiasm. Bill has presented to discerning audiences that include Surgeons, U.S. Army Commanders and NASA Engineers.

Bill’s most requested Keynotes

What do extremely efficient leaders do differently? Is there a science to excellent leadership? The answer is yes, and the crucial is understanding the science of managing emotions.  According to a current Harvard study, Emotional Intelligence is the greatest driver of good results in Leadership.

Why Emotional Intelligence counts for a lot more than IQ in leadership performance.
The 2 key reasons people get promoted and obtain results.
The brain science of emotions that drive our behavior.
That emotions are infectious – and how to unleash very best performance and not sabotage it!
Tactics you can apply right away to make you far more efficient as a leader.

What Makes a Successful Sales Individual?
It’s not their IQ, education or even product information. They need to have a particular amount of these, but what sets the high performers apart from the typical is their capacity to deal with setbacks and connect with customers.

The 2 important qualities that differentiate the best 20% of sales folks.
How to be resilient in the face of setbacks and adversity.
How to connect to the emotional needs of your clients.
High performance techniques employed by Olympic medalists, skilled athletes and by Bill himself!
What clients obtain and why that ought to change the way you sell.
Partial Client List:
Air National Guard
Alcon Labs
BlueCross BlueShield
Chicago Mercantile
Durham Police
Eli Lilly
Federal Reserve Bank
Franklin Templeton
Hannaford Grocers
Intercontinental Hotels
Johnson &amp Johnson
Level 3 Communications
NASA – Johnson
Space Center
Northern Trust
Pemco Insurance
U.S. Army
U.S. Probation Office
VHA Surgeons
Wells Fargo
YMCAhe Science

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