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Educational Psychologist Reacts to U.S. Students? Poor PISA Scores

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) December 16, 2010

Educational Psychologist Melanie West is not surprised by the recently released Programme for International Student Assesment (PISA) outcomes, placing U.S. students 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math out of the 34 nations assessed. ?Children right now are born with distinct ?brain chips? that approach and utilize information significantly various than in the past,? explains West. ?America?s school system continues to use archaic teaching approaches that are very incompatible with how young children understand right now. It?s not that a lot more children are failing in school, it?s basically that our old school program is failing our young children!?

Vehemently speaking out against the epidemic that has spread across American schools, West argues, ?School-age students are not getting the right-brain stimulation they need, a potentially harmful scenario that outcomes in too considerably left-hemisphere processing, ultimately making stress in students.? Based on her findings, too considerably left hemisphere stimulation induces harmful levels of neurological tension causing attention deficit, ?zoning out,? low motivation and inconsistent school efficiency.

?In order to totally understand how to teach a kid, we should realize the inherent demands of the appropriate hemisphere of the brain. With no involving the proper side of the brain, we develop a robotic state of understanding,? stated West. In other words, students who merely repeat information all through the school day and on homework assignments do not conceptualize the data in lengthy-term memory. When the right side of the brain has not mastered details, lengthy lasting deficits are developed in the learning process, leaving students with an inability to use the knowledge that has been downloaded into the left hemisphere to solve future difficulties.

According to West, until America?s schools method to understanding shifts, the resolution need to begin with proactive parents. ?While undertaking homework, and for the duration of the learning method, parents need to guide their kids towards growing proper brain stimulation.? Active, dynamic understanding tactics encourage the brain to develop robust visual imagery, which accelerates the understanding method, boosts consistency and inspires motivation and confidence.

?Our kids?s education ought to be created to meet the wants of an ever-altering economic climate,? said West. ?American school systems must start the transformational method of fully engaging the appropriate hemisphere in the course of the learning procedure. Correct brain stimulation not only accelerates studying, it engages inventive thinking and develops the issue-solving abilities our youngsters will want for future success.?

About Melanie West:
Melanie West is America's top authority on right-brain understanding and the founder of The Proper Side of Learning program. As an Educational Psychologist and professional in new understanding tactics, West has helped thousands of children and households get back on the educational track with an array of tools that support young children succeed.

About the Right Side of Understanding:
The Appropriate Side of Understanding (http://www.therightsideoflearning.com) was founded by Melanie West and gives students and parents verified solutions to drastically boost achievement in school. The Right Side of Understanding uses proprietary methods to assist children discover how to find out, solve problems, and be productive thinkers.


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