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Doug Dvorak: A Distinguished Keynote Speaker

Doug Dvorak: A Distinguished Keynote Speaker

You might have listened to many keynote speakers. But the time spent listening to Doug Dvorak will perhaps be the most productive minutes of your life. Doug Dvorak sets the tone of your meeting with his keynote speech. He does not speak to the audience. Rather he speaks the language of the audience and speaks with them. He does not attempt and speak in a manner to lighten the audience. He just speaks and the audience rolls in laughter. When his opening keynote speech is over the audience that enjoys every single moment of the speech, keeps questioning whether he will come back with more in the middle or at the finish of the meeting.

A frequent keynote speaker, Doug Dvorak has the ability to fill the atmosphere with conviviality within minutes.

Meeting attendees forget the pressure and strain of their routine work schedules. Barriers crumble and all kinds of rigidness vanish when Doug Dvorak takes charge. Most importantly, the audience becomes happy. A happy audience is attentive and receptive.

The joy and power Doug Dvorak brings to his keynote speeches assists the audience to get energized and primed for success. Whatever may be the exclusive need of your meeting or the sort of audience you have, Doug has the proper technique to make them malleable for alter or studying. Lacing his keynote speeches with liberal doses of humor and laughter Doug diffuses any kind of resistance or apathy. His easy and lighthearted talks are not buffoonery. Do not mistake his clowning around as only an attempt to entertain. Doug is a master keynote speaker and knows how to deliver wisdom wrapped in fun and humor.

His talks are filled with insightful and rare gemlike thoughts that can change a person’s life for much better, forever. That is the specialty of Doug – saying the profound with the lightness of a humorous prankster.

His wisdom comes from the vast encounter he has gained over the years of working and training in the field of sales, advertising and marketing, and customer service. Add to that his experiences from his globe trotting habit and passions for some tough sporting action – the concoction can be really heady. But the fascinating component is that he imparts such cerebral stuff in a really non-dramatic and effortless manner. The change he effects is very subtle and but decisive.

Sounds unbelievable? It shouldn’t be if you look in detail at Doug’s background that is a potpourri of qualifications and skills. He holds a master’s degree in organization administration and is a trained sales and advertising and marketing skilled with years of encounter in the field. A certificate from a renowned comedy school is proof of his seriousness about humor. He has founded a Laughter Yoga club with the intention to spread the awareness about the healing power of laughter. His pals and family argue whether or not it’s his passion for travel that has taken him all over the globe or is it his inherent amiable and difficult working nature that has taken him locations. Additionally, his school boyish zeal for river rafting, mountain climbing, and photography makes his personality a colorful mélange of fascinating hobbies. All these are reflected in his keynote talks that carry the highest standards