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DivX Video for Samsung Mobile Phones Featured at GSMA Mobile Globe Congress

DivX Video for Samsung Mobile Phones Featured at GSMA Mobile Globe Congress

The GSMA Mobile Planet Congress in Barcelona, Spain has kicked off with a number of sessions featuring keynote speakers from such tech giants as Yahoo!, Nokia, Vodafone, and Adobe.

Amongst several new developments from these businesses, DivX and Samsung have announced a new line of mobile phones now DivX-certified for enhanced video playback. Samsung's new mobile phones include BEAT DJ, Ultra Touch, and OMNIA HD.

In their PR Newswire press release, DivX says Samsung's new mobile phones "provide customers seamless playback of high-high quality DivX video on the go and in the living room."

DivX created a simultaneous announcement in addition to Samsung's new line of DivX-certified mobile phones. DivX's new certification profile referred to as the DivX Mobile Theater aids mobile licensees in creating positive their mobile phones are certified to support studio requirements for DivX video playback.

Recognition of Mobile Phones in Our Multimedia Age

Because the public introduction of cell phones back in the early 1980s, mobile phones have steadily increased in recognition. Whereas in the past mobile phones had been way to bulky to place in purses and pocketbooks, today's version is smaller, lighter, and ultra-portable.

Today's mobile phones are improved in yet another considerable way. Even though the mobile phone of yesteryear was comprised of a straightforward keypad, earpiece, and microphone, modern day-day mobile phones are clearly emerging as all-in-1 multimedia electronic gadgets.

Increasingly popular are smartphones such as the iPhone and Blackberry Storm. These phones feature connection to the web from anywhere, therefore allowing the user to perform tasks such as location mapping, restaurant ordering, and web surfing. Special applications, especially for the iPhone, have become wildly well-liked.

Additional multimedia attributes of today's mobile phones include on-board digital cameras, video cameras, and instant messaging devices. But for really some time, video has posed a dilemma due to its high memory usage.

Challenges of Video Compression

Introduced in 1998, MPEG-4 (Motion Picture Authorities Group) comprises approaches for visual and audio digital data compression. For internet applications where much more memory can be simply allocated for video, MPEG-4 has worked properly. But for mobile phones where on-board memory is far much less offered, it presents a challenge.

DivX Video Compression

DivX is an increasingly common video codec (coder-decoder). DivX 7 is their most recent version and is based on H.264 video compression technologies for today's high-definition video. Each the totally free DivX 7 high-definition player and the full version are accessible on DivX's internet site for Macintosh, PC, or mobile phones.