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Digital Textbooks Prove More Expensive

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 19, 2011

Don?t be fooled by the digital hype this back-to-school season: a recent study by CampusBooks.com shows that as cool as high-tech gadgets and digital textbooks appear, they are costing students far a lot more than purchasing and selling old fashioned, challenging copies.

CampusBooks, the best textbook cost comparison web site on the web, compared the rates of the 25 most well-liked college textbooks during the spring semester of 2011. Seventeen of the 25 books had e-book possibilities, and in every single case but one, the up-front cost of an e-book was less expensive than acquiring the print version. However, e-books have no resale value. Right after factoring in the average acquire-back costs of printed textbooks, only 1 of the e-book versions had been less costly than purchasing and ultimately reselling the utilized print version--and the savings had been practically often in the double-digits.

For example, the textbook Understanding Nutrition by Whitney and Rolfes (ISBN 9780538734653), was on average $ 111.86 to buy utilised and only $ 82.29 as an e-book, a difference of virtually $ 30. Even so, selling back the book for an average of $ 63.97 meant that the total cost of ownership was only $ 47.89 for those students who purchased and resold the book. The total expense of ownership of the challenging copy was a whopping $ 34.40 cheaper than the e-book.

?Digital textbooks aren?t just fresh and thrilling, they actually appear less expensive up front. Students respond to that. But when you think about the resale value of a printed textbook, it?s likely that the e-book is more pricey. Like rental textbooks, which you have to send back, as soon as your e-book access period is up, you have nothing to show or sell back,? says CampusBooks.com CEO Jeff Cohen.

With the ever growing number of textbook alternatives, CampusBooks is an invaluable tool for students looking to get the very best worth, whether or not that is a digital, utilised, new or rental textbook. Students are increasingly putting in effort to do their homework, fully grasp their choices and save funds.

?I?ve checked out CampusBooks and other comparison sites to obtain my textbooks, and every time, rental or downloading an e-book just seemed cheaper and less complicated. Seeing what I could get back for a utilised book opened my eyes to how significantly I was actually paying--and it was a sobering moment,? admits Josh Tucker, a recent graduate from the University of Southern California.

The data reported here is available for press via the media get in touch with.

About CampusBooks:
CampusBooks.com was founded in 1998 and has evolved into a leading textbook cost comparison internet site. CampusBooks.com is viewed by over three million students annually. The CampusBooks iPhone and Android application have been downloaded by over 40,000 users. The CampusBooks textbook price comparison tool consists of new, utilised, rental, ebooks, local and libraries and is the most comprehensive in the market. Extra info about CampusBooks can be identified at http://www.campusbooks.com.