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Culture Cubs Mandarin DVD Series for Kids Now Available in the US

Pleasantville, NY (PRWEB) February 3, 2009

The Culture Cubs DVD series is already a popular tool for teaching Mandarin to children in Hong Kong, and is now available throughout the US on Amazon.com. The series of three 30-minute DVDs; Time to Eat, Time to Swim and Time to Meet the Animals, is the brainchild of Chinese director, Crystal Kwok, and American producer, Lauren Cooper who created it to help their own children learn - and love learning - Chinese.

Culture Cubs teaches by using animation, dance, songs, kung fu, art and an amazing cast of bilingual, multicultural, multilingual kids who bring home the message that anyone can learn Mandarin. It also features Crystal Kwok in the role of a Mom who's learning Mandarin along with her viewers. Click here to see some clips from the show.

The stars of the series are two silly, loveable, animated bears, Huckleberry and Xiao Long. One speaks English and the other speaks Mandarin, and they're the best of friends. Together they explore each other's language and culture, teaching the audience vocabulary as they play in their bilingual world. Click here to see more.

Parents and teachers applaud the show for its ability to introduce Eastern culture in an age-appropriate fashion. Sean Leubin, Head of Chinese Studies at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong says, "Culture Cubs transports children, no matter where they are in the world, out of their normal classroom setting and provides them with a series of Chinese cultural and language adventures... I have always believed that language teaching should be fun and interactive."

The show is bright, colorful, vibrant and exciting, changing scene from minute to minute in a way that captivates even its youngest viewers. According to New York educational expert, Francis Mechner, Ph.D., "Culture Cubs is well designed from the educational and motivational standpoint. It develops the learner's concepts and skills in a way that sustains attention, being sufficiently entertaining (yes, even an adult can enjoy it, and incidentally learn a little Mandarin) to ensure active participation from beginning to end."

This is guilt-free television for kids and their parents. Exposure to Mandarin has been proven to help develop both hemispheres of a child's brain, and is even believed to help children develop perfect musical pitch. According to a UC San Diego study, tone language speakers are almost nine times more likely to have perfect pitch than non-tonal language speakers.

Mandarin is currently spoken by more people than any other language in the world, and that number continues to rise. BBC business reporter, Mary Hennock, says students speaking fluent English and Chinese are going to be in particularly high demand as executives of the future. "China's economy is growing so quickly and becoming so influential in the world economy that people can't afford to ignore it. People who want to be ahead in whatever industry need to think about China and learning Chinese." Teaching children Mandarin now is one key to their future success.

Culture Cubs has been a best seller on ChinaSprout.com and is now available through Amazon.com and culturecubs.com.

About us:
Crystal Kwok is the series director. She is a well-known Hong Kong filmmaker, director, talk show host, author, actress and founder of The Creative Language Workshop - one of the first interactive language centers in HK. Crystal earned her degree in theater arts from UCLA and her Master's degree in Literary Studies from Hong Kong University. She has lived in Hong Kong for 18 years. Her three children are half Chinese and half American and all speak both English and Mandarin.

Lauren Cooper is a journalist and documentary filmmaker from New York. She has worked on educational programs for the Discovery Channel, A&E, PBS and Lifetime Television. She has a master's degree from Columbia University's School of Journalism and has lived in New York, Hong Kong and now London where her two children are learning Mandarin.

Three episodes are now available: Time to Eat, Time to Swim and Time to Meet the Animals.

For more information, please visit culturecubs.com.
Or phone Lauren Cooper in the UK