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Colleges Need Speakers for Orientation Session with New Students

Las Vegas (Vocus) February 27, 2009

College orientation sessions stay an untapped gold mine for speakers, authors, coaches and consultants, says James Malinchak, who was twice voted the Number 1 speaker on the college circuit. Malinchak teaches men and women how to profit by speaking to the collage marketplace in his Millionaire Speaker Bootcamp.

"You could be losing a ton of funds by not speaking for college orientations," he stated. "College Orientations are 1 of the most overlooked, lucrative speaking niches."

If you are wondering what Orientation is, this is a time period when the college or university hosts all of the in-coming freshmen and transfer students (and their parents or spouses) for a few days up to an entire week where school representatives inform and educate the students, parents and spouses about the school, location of buildings, where to get tutors, dormitory and apartment living, and so on. Essentially, it's a time where school representatives assist students, parents and spouses get acclimated with the college or university.

College Orientation is usually held August and September and also January and February, but some schools hold their Orientation in the summer. Some schools will even do two different Orientation events.

"There's one school that brings me in twice a year, for each their August and January Orientation programs. There's yet another school that pays me $ 10,000 a year each and every March to deliver four talks in two days to their incoming students," Malinchak stated. "Speaking for college Orientation events is one of the most lucrative instances of year for speakers. I have speaker friends who make a large income during this time."

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About James Malinchak

From a little Pennsylvania steel-mill town, to self-produced speaker millionaire in his 20's, James Malinchak is a accurate American achievement story whose exclusive speaker-advertising and marketing techniques has helped hundreds of speakers, coaches and consultants create effective speaking organizations. He runs a 7-figure speaking, coaching, seminar and coaching company.

He has delivered over two,200 college, corporate & youth presentations worldwide for audiences ranging from 20 to 12,000, and has accomplished so with out the use of bureaus, without getting well-known, without any advanced academic degrees & with no any speaker designations from any speaker associations.

Malinchak is the author of 16 books such as ''Chicken Soup for the College Soul'' & the upcoming ''Chicken Soup for the Athlete's Soul.'' He has been profiled in numerous publications which includes Millionaire Blueprints.