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CKG International, Coach to Millionaire Agents, Inks Deal with John Assaraf as Headline Keynote Speaker for Their Spring Mastery Weekend in Hollywood, FL

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) February 8, 2007

Twice a year CKG International hosts 1 of the most elite events in the genuine estate business, the Mastery Weekend. It is at these weekends that the who's who of actual estate meet for an intense coaching and implementation expertise. Mastery Weekends are revered in the market since of the nature of the event. Only 1 leading producing agent form each marketplace is allowed to attend and the average GCI of a member of the Mastery Program is $ 1.6 Million. This spring promises to be no exception with the recent deal produced with John Assaraf.

Through May possibly four - 6, 2007, CKG International and its highly influential group of realtors will collect for the spring Mastery Weekend (http://www.masteryweekend.com). This spring's event has been produced even more exclusive by the recent signing of the keynote speaker, John Assaraf. Mr. Assaraf has lately been noticed on Larry King Live and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He was also featured in the movie The Secret, which will be featured on the Oprah Show later this month. Assaraf is widely known for his work on mindset and how mindset affects your enterprise. CKG International selected Assaraf based on his recent success and the truth that he shares a common thread with the members of their group. Assaraf has built 1 of the largest genuine estate firms in Indiana.

With John Assaraf confirmed, CKG International (http://www.ckginternational.com) has completed the speaker list for the spring 2007 Mastery Weekend. To round out the event, the following is a list of the other speakers that will be present: Chris Bird, industry leader on monetary organizing and tax preparation, Dave Buck, CEO of Coachville the leading coach training firm, and Ken Goodfellow, CEO and Founder of CKG International. There will also be numerous elite level realtors that will be speaking at the event: Bill Renaud, Jane Fairweather, Tom Cook, Jo Ellen Nash and Martin Bouma.

"I am very excited about the upcoming Mastery Weekend. Each event we try to take it up a notch and bring some thing new to the table that the business has never ever observed," says Ken Goodfellow. "There is usually industry stir about these events and getting John Assaraf and the rest of the speakers that are confirmed for this event, it promises to break new ground in the business."

Ken continues, "We choose our speaker list on a number of qualifications, but the most essential is that these events are about helping our members get the job carried out. As a speaker we don't just want a motivator, you have to bring the motivation and the 'How to get it done' to your presentation or we are not interested. This group is incredibly enterprise savvy, they have all created enormous successes in their company and don't have the time to analysis the implementation that is required to act on these new ideas that the speakers bring to the table. Mastery Weekend provides them all that research as component of the event."

To come across more about what takes place at CKG International's Mastery Weekend check out http://www.masteryweekend.com.

About CKG International

CKG International is an Ottawa based genuine estate training firm that deals exclusively with the leading 1% of the agents in the actual estate business. For more info on CKG International, please pay a visit to their site at http://www.ckginternational.com.


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