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Civil Air Patrol Recognizes Author/Speaker Richard London

Charlotte, NC (Vocus) July 14, 2010

The Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) recently recognized the volunteer efforts of author and motivational speaker Richard London (A Handbook for Life: A Practical Guide to Success and Happiness). Mr. London joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) shortly following the events of September 11, 2001. ?I was too old to join the active military and felt a need to have to serve my country,? London stated. ?CAP flies 95% of all inland search and rescue missions in the United States and I currently had my pilot?s license, so it was a all-natural fit for me,? he continued.

Richard at the moment holds the rank of significant and was featured in an report in CAP?s on the internet magazine Volunteer Now.

In the article, a single of Major London?s former squadron commanders, Lt. Colonel L.E. Kale, commented, ?Wealthy jumped in with both feet, getting all the essential orientation accomplished very rapidly. He attended the Middle East Region's Search and Rescue College at Fort Pickett, Va., and shortly after that became a mission pilot. When CAP created it a requirement for pilots to have a commercial rating to fly Air Force ROTC cadets, Rich immediately made the decision to get his.?

Key London has flown as a Mission Pilot on multiple search and rescue flights as effectively as harm assessment flights following hurricane Isabelle in North Carolina. ?It is a tremendous feeling to be a portion of a highly trained, multi-state team working towards a frequent target and to participate as a team of volunteers who take time away from their households to assist other people,? London mentioned.

In the CAP Volunteer Now report Richard was recognized for his positive attitude and ability to use it to lift him above the challenges in life. In addition to serving CAP as a mission pilot he also served as the North Carolina Wing?s finance officer and Crucial Incident Pressure Management Director.

London?s accomplishments outside of CAP he is a third degree black belt, has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 30 years, author of A Handbook for Life and currently conducts seminars to aid others obtain objectives and overcome obstacles in their lives. These accomplishments have come regardless of nine surgeries following an automobile accident, overcoming cancer and living with Parkinson?s disease.

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