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CIA Has Record of Lying to Top Officials, Says Presidential Historian and Publisher of President Gerald Ford's Final Book

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) May possibly 19, 2009

Does the CIA lie to the President and senior members of Congress? The answer is yes, according to publisher and presidential historian Tim Miller. He says there is no doubt Nancy Pelosi could be telling the truth about not understanding about the water-boarding torture used on suspected terrorists, all even though the CIA has been lying.

Miller, who is CEO of FlatSigned Press, refers to at least two examples surrounding the CIA and JFK's assassination when creating his claim that the intelligence community lies to public officials:

Very first, President Bill Clinton appointed a particular committee to assessment CIA files on the shooting of JFK but the committee by no means got all of the documents it requested. Only immediately after President Clinton left workplace did intelligence officials admit to omitting some critical documents. Miller cites this omission as a clear motive by the CIA to mislead even the highest levels of government.

Second, President Ford was told in 1964 that 'no CIA personnel destroyed documents pertaining to President Kennedy and/or his assassination.' But, in the final book published with President Ford (published by FlatSigned Press), he reveals "the CIA did destroy documents relevant to JFK and the assassination." Miller once more points out how straightforward it was for the CIA to lie to the president, let alone a member of Congress.

Miller says the only person who can keep the CIA truthful is the president and to that end, he says, the president must attempt to hold the director of the CIA in check at all times. He encourages and is hopeful President Obama will fulfill his pledge to have transparency in government and make the truth from the CIA prevail in this scenario.

"There is so a lot hype in the mainstream media correct now about Nancy Pelosi and the CIA but it doesn't appear like anyone is pushing the intelligence community for answers," says Miller. "Pelosi is questioned every day about the situation whilst it seems the CIA is finding a free of charge ride. It really is time to bring the past to the forefront of the conversation and comprehend that the CIA can and has misled prior to. I think they're at it again," he concludes.

Miller is obtainable to speak on the problems and his expertise with President Ford and presidential oversight authority.

To schedule an interview or live talkback with Tim Miller, please contact: Lisa Seed, Media Director / Email: lisas.mediadirector (at) yahoo.com / Phone: 1-866-352-8744


Tim Miller is CEO of FlatSigned Press, and publisher of historical books on Presidents Gerald Ford and JFK.

Miller consistently lends his expertise to tv, radio and newspaper personalities and journalists researching the historical accounts and modern values of uncommon autographed books. Miller has also appeared on different local and national news programs as a historian, analyst, and commentator on presidents, politics, space, and entertainment.. Watch Tim Miller interviewed on national Tv & Radio shows discussing a range of concerns: http://flatsigned.com/MultiM2.html

Miller is a graduate of Austin Peay University and attended The University of Memphis Law School. All through his illustrious career, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Scholar has served as White Residence Press Correspondent and worked directly for the U.S. Congress. He held Certified Press Credentials for the White Property, the U.S. Residence of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate and was named 1 of George W. Bush's 1,000 Points of Light by the Commercial Board of Appeals.


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