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Change Is A Good Thing?When You?ve Mastered Organizational Development!

Stow, MA (PRWEB) September 15, 2010

The 36-Hour Course in Organizational Improvement ships this month!

As element of the release of The 36-Hour Course in Organizational Improvement, Steve Balzac, consultant and author of the book, will be presenting a series of talks and interactive seminars developed to enable your organization to rapidly accelerate your leading and bottom line growth. Please make contact with him and mention this press release to get 10% off and the opportunity to have a seminar customized to your person wants.

The 36-Hour Course in Organizational Development is a ability-building guide to one particular of the most important functions in business today. In no time, you?ll be able to recognize patterns of organizational behavior that are detrimental to your organization, and you?ll have the expertise to envision and drive the sort of change your business needs. Concise, engaging, and written with humor and insight, this crash course offers the expertise you require to:

Address troubles with your organization?s culture Hire the very best people for your demands Set objectives and move your team to action Motivate your individuals to envision adjust Institute meaningful modify in how your organization operates

Adjust can be your organization?s best buddy. You just have to manage it with ability. The 36-Hour Course in Organizational Development puts you on the quickly track to face today?s challenges, not yesterday?s.

Speak to Mr. Balzac at 7 Steps Ahead inside the subsequent two weeks to take advantage of this chance to have seminars customized to your demands. A single size does not fit all, or at least it doesn?t have to!

About Steve Balzac

Stephen R. Balzac, "The Company Sensei," is a specialist speaker and consultant. He is the president of 7 Steps Ahead, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in helping companies enhance revenue and develop their client base.

Steve's background in engineering, management, psychology, martial arts, and competitive sports tends to make him a well-liked speaker on topics ranging from leadership, motivation, team creating, interviewing abilities, and sport performance to personal computer game style. He was a guest lecturer at MIT and WPI. His articles have appeared in a number of journals, like The Journal of Interactive Drama, The IBM Systems Journal, Mass High Tech, Enterprise Management Quarterly, The CEO Refresher, The Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership, Analog SF/F and the Worcester Company Journal.

A recognized believed leader, Steve frequently conducts webinars through ExecSense on subjects which includes, "How to Become an Expert Negotiator as a CEO," "The Very best Ways to Position Oneself for Your Company's Management Team," "What You Would Learn From Reading the Top Ten Company Books of All Time and How To Apply the Concepts These days." Steve is a contributing author to Ethics and Game Design: Teaching Values By way of Play and the author of the forthcoming 36-Hour Course in Organizational Development being published by McGraw-Hill. He is a frequent guest on radio shows which includes Motivational Minds and Leadership Radio, and is often quoted in a range of publications.


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