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Can An Ultimate Leadership Guide Ever Exist?

Can An Ultimate Leadership Guide Ever Exist?

Write-up by Simon Oates

Leadership typically comes across as a vast and confusing subject. There are many reasons why this is the case:

- Personal Development is an unscientific approach, and for that reason clear and basic methods are challenging to validate. Similarly, incorrect or dangerous ideas are impossible to disprove. For this reason, several 'rogue' leadership gurus exist on the internet, that pry on hopeful, aspirational or desperate individuals who want to gain leadership abilities. These internet sites charge exortionate amounts for useless or poorly researched leadership guidance.

- Leadership is typically noticed as a mythical or elite subject, that is only relevant for CEOs and directors of companies. While this is just not the case, it specific puts numerous individuals from pursuing growth and development of their leadership abilities. Any person

- Conflicting views are seemingly presented on the same leadership topics, usually by respected authors. This can create the impression that 1 author (or both) should be wrong.

- Leadership books and resources can be costly, with single-day conferences costing