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Can A Keynote Speaker Tailor Comments to Meet the Needs of My Business Audience?

A talented keynote speaker always tailors their comments to set the tone and deliver the message your audience needs to hear. This is a great question. There are tons of speakers out there who deliver a ‘one-size fits all’ message every time they speak. That’s so lame. While I have areas of expertise I enjoy speaking on, I always tailor my comments as a keynote speaker to my audience. These are some of the questions I will ask you in anticipation of serving as a keynote speaker for your event:

  1. What is the demographic and size of your audience?
  2. Does your event have a theme?
  3. What tone do you want your keynote speaker to take…sarcastic and irreverent (my personal favorite) professonial, motivational, inspirational, etc?
  4. What are your expectations for my keynote presentation?
  5. What key points do you want your audience to ‘take away’ from my presentation?
  6. As your keynote speaker, do you want me to elaborate on or tailor to your group, one of my topics of business expertise, like:
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Being yourself
  • Leveraging resources
  • Balance
  • How to make $10,000 an hour
  • Secrets of a successful entrepreneur

As a professional keynote speaker, one of my skills is to read your audience. I am a storyteller, and I like to draw from my vast collection of personal illustrations, as well as current events to make sure the points you want to make are driven home. I also want to deliver a message which is timely, relevant, sharp, and fresh.

Although I am the guy out front, I prefer to work with you, behind the scenes, in advance of your event, to make sure that it is carefully crafted for success. I want your audience to rave about my presentation and for you to be remembered as a genius for finding me.

So let’s get the dialogue started. How can I serve you as keynote speaker for your event. I’m available at 1-888-SPEAKER.