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Callin? All Ballas?-Recruiting Exceptional Youth Who Change the Game Like Dr. King

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 17, 2011

KL Newhouse, The Sports Heiress, the innovative Balla from the Newhouse Sports dynasty, announces The Ultimate Game Changer (UGC): National Youth Challenge Contest to honor a hero who epitomizes the Ultimate Game Changer ? Dr. King. In each avenue such as playing sports, there is often the opportunity to deliver genuine and lasting alter for life. The Ultimate Game Changer Challenge Contest is an invitation for 12-18 year old youth from across the nation to nominate themself or other youth who are altering the game versus just playing the game in the athletics, academics, or the arts.

This initiative launches on Dr. King?s Memorial Holiday to celebrate Dr. King and call to action the next Dr. King. With the familiar and expanding problems facing youth these days, it is critical to provide a car for their voices to be heard and their triumphs to be celebrated in their community. The Game Changer Youth philosophy is the recognition of individuals who are altering the game with their positive attitude, sound character, and exceptional execution of their sport, academic and artistic endeavor. The Emerging Ballas? will be announced on April 4, 2011, in honor of Dr. King?s passing, as a tribute to his legacy of courage and vision?the hallmarks of any Game Changer.

?Although recognized role models exist, we?re searching for the ?Ballas-in-Coaching,? says The Sports Heiress/KL Newhouse. ?Our household has a blessed American story particularly since sports supplied an opportunity to participate in a wide-range of expert athletics and compete with marked commercial and international good results en route to correct destiny. My journey, based on the values imparted from my family, is about creating a legacy that identifies, celebrates, and motivates the subsequent generation of youth who exhibit ?Emerging Balla? behavior? into purpose and action. Emerging Ballas understand not only how to envision play, execute the program, and excel with purpose, but, to also contribute to their communities, thereby changing the game.?

The five (5) Finalists who are selected will be featured in the chapter, ?The Emerging Balla?-in-Coaching? in the new book, Evolution of a Balla?: The Transformation of Sports Champions, scheduled for Spring 2011. The contest is open to United States youth ages 12-18 years old in all sports, academics, and arts whose names we project will grace future headlines not only for playing the game but influencing other people and changing the community.