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Buying Toys for Your Staff Isn’t as Effective as Hiring a Motivational Speaker

Show your employees you care about them with a motivational speaker. I’m the customer of a bank, which was just bought by another company. It’s been interesting to see the lengths the new company has gone to try to assure me that they don’t want me to leave the bank due to its change in ownership.

They continue to shower me with toys; you know…things with the bank logo plastered all over them. Every day they give me something new to try to buy my loyalty. I’ve gotten Post It notes, mints, pens, lint cloths, notepads, etc. They have also registered me to win an iPad and an iPod Touch. The other day they even gave me a clock. This thing tells the date, time, temperature, and even plays tunes. It does everything except fix my dinner!

In this economy, I think I’d rather have the cash than the gifts direct deposited into my account. I know that there are corporate leaders who try to buy employee loyalty with toys and gifts too, but your employees would rather know that they are appreciated and valued than get the toys. It’s true; there is research to back it up. Employees would rather be valued than even receive a financial gift.

One way to let your employees know that they are valued, and to ensure their loyalty in return, is to take the time to work with a motivational speaker who will send a clear message to your team that their contribution is valued.

How will a motivational speaker show your team you value them? A motivational speaker:

  • Highlights the past and on-going successes of team members
  • Praises the contributions of individual employees
  • Inspires your team to improve on areas of weak performance
  • Empowers team members to work together to bring about positive change in the company
  • Delivers a message which encourages employees to give their very best because their skills and talents are valued by corporate leadership

So, don’t give your staff pens and lint sheets. Give them the lasting gift of time with a motivational speaker.