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Business Yogi Steven S. Sadleir Admitted to the National Speakers Association

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 23, 2007

Steven S. Sadleir is a professional speaker who talks and leads corporate coaching on the subject of "The Keys to The Secret: The Science of Manifesting," and other related subjects. Mr. Sadleir brings together his encounter as both an investment banker and fund adviser with capabilities as a Meditation Master with many best-selling books on the subject.

To grow to be an NSA member, Mr. Sadleir had to give documentation of his years of experience getting paid as a expert speaker and agree to a strict code of ethics. NSA at present has far more than four,100 members in 23 countries.

"I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years to corporations and am now reaching out to a wider audience. The National Speakers Association will offer me the platform to reach much more folks," says Sadleir

The National Speakers Association (NSA) is the leading organization for experts who speak professionally. NSA's four,000 members contain experts in a range of industries and disciplines, who reach audiences as trainers, educators, humorists, motivators, consultants, authors and more. Because 1973, NSA has provided resources and education developed to advance the skills, integrity and worth of its members and speaking profession.

Steven S. Sadleir gives fills a exclusive niche in the professional community providing talks and training in emerging technologies of the mind. As Director of The Leading Edge Corporation, Sadleir trains important executives and top producing salesmen and saleswomen how to take conscious control of their thoughts to optimize their effectiveness and discover enduring happiness and peace. Mr. Sadleir is essentially a Organization Yogi who teaches executives how to enlighten and fulfill their destiny through various forms of meditation and self enquiry.


Pauline Doan, director of public relations