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Bromsgrove Based Communication Consultant and Personal Development Coach Ian Northcott Offers a New Course on Motivation and Influence

(PRWEB) December 31, 2004

The Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile) is a way of thinking about men and women and groups that makes it possible for you to notice and respond to how they get motivated, approach details and make choices.

It is a set of about a dozen questions that you can feed into casual conversation or use as a formal survey for groups. You pay attention to how men and women talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about. Even when a individual does not answer the question directly, he will reveal his pattern by the manner in which he answers (or doesn't).

As you turn out to be familiar with the questions and the type of responses men and women give, you will locate that you can hear and pick up the patterns folks use without having getting to in fact ask the questions. You can right away use the Influencing Language that is just proper for the scenario. Men and women communicate with their particular patterns naturally as they speak, each in words and in their body language, and they respond right away when you use their language.

Many people and organizations on 5 continents are now utilizing these tools to: