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Books In Sync Recognizes For A Second Year Author Marcia P. Cole

Books In Sync Recognizes For A Second Year Author Marcia P. Cole




A life insurance policy?

A loved ones heirloom?


In, Marcia Cole, believing herself on deaths edge, writes her will. Her son, Danny, has just returned from the hostile Iraqi desert and announces his newfound career choice. Concerned for her son's obsession to be portion of Hollywood's wealthy and famous, the author looks deep within her own frailties to leave behind something a lot more useful than just a life insurance policy. Inspired by her son, the author cleverly finds a exclusive way of leaving behind a component of herself through a tale of wealth, poverty, and faith.


Caught Among Life and Death exposes valuable lessons that shed new light on old perceptions giving us new hope for old problems.


It appeared as if I was caught in between life and death when the paramedic placed the nitroglycerin pills below my tongue.


Nitroglycerin? I thought to myself, surely I'm not having a heart attack. Everything was a blur. I felt like Darth Vader behind this oxygen mask as I could scarcely breathe with this crushing chest discomfort. Regardless of all the commotion going on inside this physique of mine, I was a lot more amazed by the hub of the fire and rescue squads that triggered much more attention in the neighborhood than I would have liked. I could really feel the eyes of curious onlookers peering at me wanting to know the obvious question, "What happened to her?"


"Wow, who'd have believed it, me riding in an ambulance causing folks to part the road like the Red Sea. Lord knows I never ever saw this day coming. Aren't I supposed to be too young for this?" I smiled within.


I wasn't afraid to leave this world. As far as I was concerned, everybody I would possibly leave behind had somebody. I wouldn't be leaving anyone alone. Nonetheless, I will never forget the look on my son's face when he arrived at the residence to locate the paramedics wheeling me out on the stretcher. It was a defining moment in my life. I glanced over and noticed a frightened boy instead of the usual jovial, confident young man. What I saw in my son's eyes that day unnerved me to the core far more than any health problem I've ever faced. I saw an indescribable fear in his eyes as his expression revealed a lost look of utter hopelessness. Danny appeared worse than I felt. Life withdrew from his face like the waters from the shore when the tide goes out. The light immediately went out of him. He looked about as different as I did to him. Apparently, I had more influence in my young adult son's life than I realized.


Genre: Inspirational/Religious