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Books In Sync Recognizes For A Second Year Author Allen Epling

Books In Sync Recognizes For A Second Year Author Allen Epling

With all the public fascination lately with ´Bible Codes´, the author has uncovered ´hidden´ messages in the book of genesis that could not have been understood until the present age of understanding. With a refreshingly new interpretation, based on present day expertise, Allen Epling presents new evidence that the events in Genesis are actual and that there is a genetic link to the patriarchs of the Old Testament.

Beyond Genesis provides an option explanation for the origin of man that is exclusive and diverse from either side in the familiar Creationism versus Evolution debate. The author believes the truth revealed in this book was not meant to be understood totally until the present age of details and reason. He reveals new insights which uncover a storyline in Genesis that has previously gone unnoticed. He delivers timely new explanations for all the "myths" of Genesis. All hypotheses are based on sound, recent science and the field of genetics, and are supported through references to the original sources. The central theme of the entire book is that the book of Genesis is accurate historically, and that contemporary man is a item of Each the evolutionary processes, AND a unique, separate line of man, the one referred to in Genesis. The book also reveals the ultimate "program" for man and that it is not finished.

In Beyond Genesis, author Allen Epling attempts to solve the decade's lengthy debate between science and religion, Creationism versus Evolution. Epling proposes that the book of Genesis is historically accurate. The issues lie in the interpretation and translation of ancient text originally written in Hebrew. Epling goes on to recommend that if interpreted correctly, the Book of Genesis would fit with what is regarded as accurate in scientific data.

Epling draws on his considerable formal education and life long study and research of religion, history, and the function of earlier religious scholars to clarify the mysteries of Genesis. He explains how the initial two chapters of the book of Genesis describe two diverse creation events: the very first around 12 billion years ago when God creates Heaven and Earth in a burst of light recognized as the "Large Bang," with man-like creatures (Neanderthals, etc.) beginning nearly 2 million years ago.

The second Creation Event took place about 6 thousand years ago when God designed the Garden of Eden, Adam and domesticated animals. Epling uses new discoveries in genetics and science as evidence to back his hypothesis that both scientific theory and religious belief about creation are correct.

Is Allen Epling's interpretation of Genesis the accurate version? As of now, we have no way of understanding for particular. His theories are as believable as anything presented by academia, science, or religion. I urge you to choose up a copy of this compelling argument, to maintain an open mind, and to make your own choice.

I extremely advocate Beyond Genesis to any individual open to option religious theories and to those who have allowed science to cloud their faith.


ISBN13: 978-1-4257-0414-8 (Trade Paperback)

ISBN: 1-4257-0414-X (Trade Paperback)

ISBN13: 978-1-4257-0415-5 (Hardback)

ISBN: 1-4257-0415-8 (Hardback)

Pages: 110

Topic: HISTORY / Ancient / Common

Topic: HISTORY / Civilization

Subject: RELIGION / Antiquities &amp Archaeology

Topic: RELIGION / History

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