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Best-Selling Author Asks: How Do You Autograph An E-Book?

Ideal-Selling Author Asks: How Do You Autograph An E-Book?

At 1 of my most memorable book signings, I had just finished speaking to a group of 450 managers. Each had been supplied a copy of one of my books, and it took me a good half-hour to inscribe autographs to those that patiently stood in line.

That happy scene came to mind I was just reflecting on some guidance I gave to an aspiring author.

I suggested she begin the journey into print and prestige by publishing an e-book. Develop a track record with 1 of those, and then pitch a bricks-mortar-and-paper publisher on transforming the piece into some thing tangible.

Separately, I mentioned she need to tell publishers that she performs prior to "live" audiences, which would make avid book buyers in the foyers of different venues.

Then it hit me. You can't AUTOGRAPH an e-book, can you?

This is 1 of the medium's major drawbacks. As an author of tough-copy volumes, some of which have reached best-seller status, I can tell you significantly of the allure of purchasing a speaker's tome is that it is a memento.

You can pull it off a shelf, or even display it in a neat tabletop bracket, so your pals and colleagues can be impressed that you got up close and personal with an individual at least moderately prominent.

There's the signature to prove it, and the individual dedication, to YOU!

You can pass that volume down to your grandkids, and beyond, and it may possibly acquire significance and even extrinsic worth with the passing decades.

An e-book will in all likelihood in no way be prized as a "initial edition." Nor can it really grow to be a "uncommon" book, either, as lengthy as it can be preserved in electronic storage systems, which become ever more affordable.

We cannot tout an e-book as getting in "exceptional condition," either. Indeed, most of the characteristics that lend books an aura or prestige and uniqueness tend to vanish when they become digital, only.

E-books will be with us for a lengthy time to come. Yet, will they ever serve as reminders of particular events or meaningful encounters the way conventional books do?

Authors aren't the only people to inscribe dedications in books. We do the exact same factor for pals and loved ones when we give them as gifts.

The truth that we can not autograph e-books does not necessarily consign them to failure. It just makes conventional volumes that significantly a lot more useful and admirable, by comparison.

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