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Bascom Hill Publishing Group Publishes The Blame Game by Lauded Psychologist Neil Farber

Thiensville, WI (Vocus) October five, 2010

Bascom Hill Publishing Group has officially released "The Blame Game: The Total Guide to Blaming, How to Play and How To Quit" (Bascom Hill Publishing Group ISBN 978-1-935098-35-5 October 2010 $ 15.95) by positivity researcher and psychologist Dr. Neil Farber. The book is the very first complete guide to playing the world?s oldest game, designed for novice and specialist players alike.

"The Blame Game" is self-empowering providing readers with the inspiration, knowledge, and tools needed to accept responsibility and obtain control of their lives. Tracing the origins of the blame game all the way back to pre-historic instances, this guide also explains how anyone can enhance their wellness, properly-getting, relationships and careers by reaching beyond blame.

"This funny, properly-intentioned book is proper on when it comes to human behavior. Read it, discover from it and apply it to your life and you will never again pass the buck so effortlessly."

Stephen R. Covey Author of "The 7 Habits of Extremely Productive Individuals"

Dr. Neil Farber attained his B.S. degree in Psychology and doctorates in investigation and medicine. He is a motivational speaker and researcher in positivity, positive parenting, and conflict management. Dr. Farber is also involved in international medical missions for youngsters to which a portion of all book earnings will be donated.

For information, please call or email publicist Jessie King at or check out TheBlameGame.org.


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