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Audio Conferencing as a Speaker/Educator Medium

Audio Conferencing as a Speaker/Educator Medium

Google "Internet 2. Audio Conferencing" for much more on the subject of audio conferencing. Your productivity entails more than simply cost.

Our virtual society opens new opportunities for speakers and educators with audio conferencing-based program technologies.

Back in the day, if 1 wished to promote a speaker or educator topic, 1 had to get individuals together physically. This meant booking the speaker, booking a venue, arranging refreshments or meals, sending invitations, gathering sign-ups, sending reminders, organizing web site presentation requirements like flip chart, projector, handouts, setting aside the time, traveling to the venue, setting up, greeting participants, then making your presentation. Whew. Such events, completed proper, are a lot of work and frequently really high-priced. A hotel room can expense you -1,000 per day. Refreshments are typically + per participant. Handouts price you 10 cents a page. Projector and screen rental can set you back per day. Speakers for these kinds of venues generally price you anywhere from to ,000, or much more.

In today's quick-paced social and company climate, convincing prospective participants to set aside a entire day for a seminar is challenging. It is also high-priced and time-consuming. Contemplate interspersing your face-to-face programs with audio conferencing-based programs instead. Here are some of the important attributes of an audio conferencing-based program.

1-two hours max. covers key learning topics with 20 minutes for Q&ampA Lecture Mode Record Internet conferencing for real-time whiteboard, if necessary E-mail handouts

Participants are far more likely to attend due to the fact: (a) Does not consume a complete day, (b) Nobody sees participants in their PJs, (c) Participants are not desk or chair-bound and (d) Participants can even be traveling Lecturer is not consuming a complete day most likely to charge less Expense savings allows for a much more skilled lecturer Lecturer does not have to travel No lecturer hotel and lodging expenses No venue costs No copying expenses No audio-visual expenses Greater use of everyone's time No travel time for participant Much more topics can be supplied much more usually A lot more get in touch with-time with constituents Recording can be replayed

For years pundits thought that video/web conferencing would replace audio conferencing considering that it was much more visual. Nonetheless, audio conferencing has been identified to be far more helpful in a lot of settings. Most conference calls do not need the ever-present visual push. Web conferencing has proved to be perennially fiddly with set up configuration hassles on local computers. In addition, with video/web conferencing participants are "locked in their chairs" in front of their pc cameras. As a result, internet conferencing is far more useful to desk-bound, huge-business users who do a lot of them, whose machines have already jumped via the configuration setup hoops, and who have comfortable chairs. Conferences with live video basically demand that you remain in front of your camera the whole time otherwise, folks wonder if you are paying attention!

The telephone is the most convenient and universal technology tool on the planet, by far. Why not take advantage of its reach and convenience to extend your speaker-education with audio conferencing-based programs?

Participants in your programs won't get antsy, the fidgety-varieties can move about all they want, your expenses are a fraction of your typical program expenses, you can extend your constituency nationally and internationally. Bottom line, audio conferencing-based programs dramatically decrease the boundaries to acquiring your message out. It costs only pennies to try it. Compare the traditional program described earlier for, say 15 participants for 2 hours, with an audio conferencing-based program, without such as the speaker fee.

Venue - Refreshments - five Handouts (25 pages) - .50 Flip Chart - Projector - Mailings - TOTAL = ,097.50

Minutes (@10 cents a minute) - - a 609% savings

Only a handful of really Web two. audio conferencing providers exist. Uncover 1 and attempt them. Commence with short programs, then expand your repertoire as you grow to be skilled.

To discover much more, Google "Internet two. Audio Conferencing".


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