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Andrea Billingsley Whitfield Has Started a Workshop to Improve Classroom and Home Behavior for the 2010 School Year

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

As the 2010 school year begins, teachers and parents might locate themselves with challenging kids and are unsure of the greatest way to discipline them. To aid, Andrea Billingsley Whitfield offers energetic, educational, and inspiring workshops. She discusses how to deal with problems ranging from disrespect for authority to aggressive behavior.

Andrea has a deep concern for building a positive image in students. Her "Behavior Chart" utilizes behavior modification methods which are developed to assist teachers and parents obtain and maintain control.

An revolutionary way to measure and manage behavior is by implementing a chart with pockets. Symbols or names will be placed on every single pocket. If a kid is disobedient, a strip is placed in the pocket.

To support students create into productive citizens of society by learning very good virtues, she implements and introduces Character Education traits. These traits include trustworthiness and responsibility.These aid teachers and parents produce positive influences that will instill a sense of belonging in youth and a belief that they are loved. In her workshop, she demonstrates how to integrate Character Education with the Curriculum.

Useful Strategies for Parents Raising Children is an example of 1 of Andrea's workshops. It consists of beneficial suggestions and strategies on topics such as, enjoy and connect. Barbara McCoy, principal of Difficult Elementary School said, "Andrea was the Professional Improvement Presenter at our school. Her presentation kept the audience involved, informed, and entertained. She has been invited to come back in October."

Lately, Andrea was the guest speaker sharing Daily Parenting Suggestions on a worldwide speak radio show, http://www.radioeearnetwork.com/ and WAGG, Heaven 610.

About Andrea
Andrea has been consulting teachers and parents for 32 years. Presently, she is a third grade teacher. She is certified in elementary education, particular education, and principalship k-12. For far more information email Andrea at andrea_whitfield(at) bellsouth(dot)net or pay a visit to her site at http://www.andreabwhitfield.com

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