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An Engaging Public Speaker Keeps Your Team on Course

As the corporate leader, you’ve charted a course for your business team, which can be effectively carried out with the assistance of a trained public speaker. Those of you who know me know that I am a public speaker and a successful entrepreneur. One of my presentation ‘favorites,’ is to speak about the importance of vacations. In this economy, it may not seem possible to take a vacation right now. You may be thinking that your only option is a ‘stay-ca.’

If you’ve reached this conclusion, “no worries,” it still doesn’t lessen your need to relax and refresh away from your business. So, what’s an outdoor, entertaining, relaxing, viable option? Geo caching! If you’ve never tried it, you are missing out on free, challenging, FUN.

Geo caching is a modern day scavenger hunt/treasure hunt. You go to www.geocaching.com and plug in your zip code, and it will furnish you with geo caching options in your area. They even have a Smartphone app, if you want to use your cell phone to track your coordinates. You merely select an adventure which looks interesting, and then you follow the clues until you reach the ultimate destination and locate the ‘prize’ which tells the world, literally, that you successfully completed the geo cache challenge.

Part of the fun of geo caching is that it challenges you to follow the clues, stay on the path, and not get off course. The reward is the excitement of the journey, and the satisfaction of successfully completing the adventure! In business, you and your team are ‘business cashing.’ You’re on a challenging journey to engage the market, and sell services or supplies which beat out the competition.

If your team loses its way, or forgets the importance of ‘cashing’ in on the marketplace trends, a public speaker can re-focus and re-direct your team.

A public speaker can:

  • interact with your team to keep them on course,
  • bring a new perspective to the journey,
  • be your team’s GPS and their compass, by highlighting market trends, and inspiring your team to think outside the box,
  • help your team navigate the obstacles by enlightening them so that they understand the importance of team balance and cooperation,
  • forecast the satisfaction the team will realize when they stay on the path and succeed in completing the course.

See how your team can succeed at ‘business cashing.’