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Americans Experience not only Economic but Emotional Downturn!

Colorado Springs, Colorado (PRWEB) October 16, 2008 -

Darrin Zeer has worked the last 15 years helping almost half a million people manage their stress through his books, public speaking and corporate consulting. He is a best selling author and has written ten relaxation guides.

Says Zeer, "I believe America has an incredible strength in coming together during tough times. Just remember in 2001 when 9-11 occurred, America rallied together perhaps like never before. This is another time for all of us to reach out and offer a helping hand to others! With elections drawing near the tendency is to focus on division but we must step back and remind ourselves that strength lies in unity."

Darrin is trying to do his small part by traveling across America and visiting companies in hopes of helping employees feel empowered to manage their stress. Darrin stated, "My clients are all expressing a grave concern for our nations economic health, this concern is having an effect on their emotional well-being." Says Zeer, "In my experience it's always important to make managing your stress a priority. But now is more important then ever." Zeer stated, "Stress management is a win-win situation for both company & employee to combat the negative effects of tension, because employees are more productive and happy when they feel less stressed."

Darrin Zeer emphasized, "In my travels, I have found America to be the most hard working nation in the world. Given our current circumstances with terrorism, political division and economic uncertainty, our productivity has been effected. It's not so easy to stay calm & focused with such turmoil being reported in the news on a daily basis."

Darrin's corporate work applies simple, easy stress management tools to combat overwhelm, anger, fatigue and fear. He teaches employees how to practice these stress relief techniques right at their desks or wherever they are working. His program, Stress Free NOW, focuses on quick tips to help you when you need it most. Zeer states, "We are so busy all of the time, that managing stress needs to fit into our hectic schedules or we just won't do it."

During these stressful times, people are feeling more motivated to do something about their overwhelm. Darrin Zeer's simple tips help make an immediate difference and this empowers people to stay on track. Says Darrin, "I've noticed my clients rising above their own fears and worries and offering a helping hand to others. When one person rises up & becomes free of stress, their automatic reflex is always too reach back and help others. This is the American spirit in action!"

About Darrin Zeer:
He has appeared on CNN, in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and on NPR. He has consulted for Maidenform, 3M, General Motors and the W Hotel. Darrin has 10 books on the subject of Stress Management and has worked with almost half a million people. Darrin is interested in hearing from you concerning your struggles and victories in managing the busyness of your day to day life.

Darrin Zeer, Author, Speaker & Consultant
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