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Allison Maslan Unveils High Octane Entrepreneurial Program

San Diego, CA (Vocus) November 17, 2010

?It?s not simple becoming green,? mentioned Kermit the Frog. Sometimes operating a enterprise can feel somewhat isolating for several entrepreneurs. Collaborating is exactly where corporations develop. Now Allison Maslan brings together like thinkers for her new system The Pinnacle. Maslan gives 50 people the opportunity to accomplish their objectives quicker than they ever thought achievable and generate their own stimulus package.

The year-lengthy Pinnacle Plan (http://www.ThePinnacleProgram.com), a Mastermind group, encourages members to be accountable, brainstorm, and challenge 1 another to reach their targets. Allison Maslan (http://www.MyBlastOff.com), president Of Blast Off! Life and Enterprise Coaching and No. 1 author of Blast Off launches The Pinnacle Program in January 2011.

?The Pinnacle Plan will surround you with a team of entrepreneurs to aid you succeed. You get the benefit of differing perspectives, input and feedback,? said Maslan. ?Plus, your mastermind team can bring resources and connections you may not have had on your own.?

Maslan adds, ?The Pinnacle helps you feel portion of a team as you receive accountability and inspiration from the group, therefore enabling you to preserve focus in achieving your objectives. You?ll really feel supported along the way.?

Mastermind groups have a solid history of delivering support and accountability to the members so that they are profitable. Napoleon Hill (http://www.naphill.org), author of Assume and Grow Wealthy, initial defined the Mastermind as a ?coordination of understanding and effort, in a spirit of harmony, amongst two or more people, for the attainment of a definite objective. The ability to create things in the globe is increased by having that invisible ?third mind? of the mastermind group.?

Hill?s concept of the ?Mastermind? was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, the wealthy steel magnate.

?Carnegie believed that getting a member of a Mastermind group was vital for accomplishment. He regularly brainstormed together with his group to turn out to be even far more successful.? Hill states, ?Carnegie attributed his complete fortune to the POWER he accumulated through this ?Master Thoughts.??

Maslan said the cause for organizing The Pinnacle System is individual.

?As a life and enterprise strategist, my greatest passion has been coaching thousands to achievement in all levels of life. I?ve developed a verified formula that creates winners, and then takes these winners to the pinnacle, the really highest point on the mountain,? shared Maslan. ?And now I have decided to take a limited number of folks to The Pinnacle with me.?

About The Pinnacle Program
Members of the Pinnacle Program will gain total clarity on your passions and objectives master your craft and purpose exceed your goals in your life and enterprise produce an exponentially greater earnings create an exceptional good quality of life and, find out to enjoy much more time, far more enjoyable, and feel far more alive than ever just before.

System contains Live Mastermind Seminars in San Diego every quarter (January 22, April 9, July 23, October 22 ) for 1 mind-bending day. In among each live date you will receive: