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A Public Speaker is Your Team's Life Line

The reality is…that in spite of the sophistication of modern day sailing vessels, most of them still carry life lines and life preservers on board for emergencies. Maybe you have hheard about the two Canadian teens who were outdoors enjoying themselves doing a little fishing? Not far from their location was a family. Apparently, a child got in trouble in the water, and the two adults went in after the child. In moments, all three of the family members were in trouble. The teens rushed over to offer assistance, and soon found that this emergency couldn’t be resolved easily because they were outnumbered, and the family members were in a high state of panic.

Some quick thinking ‘outside of the box’ by the boys ensured their success. They rigged their two fishing poles and lines together, in such a way that they had the length of line and distance needed, so that they could exert enough leverage to pull the child out of the water. They then repeated the process until everyone was safely onshore.

Maybe your business is in a crisis. Maybe your workplace environment is in a panic state. A public speaker can be your teams’ life line. An outside public speaker can be the calm, experienced voice of reason your team needs to hear.

Hiring a public speaker to present an engaging presentation to your team can help them to begin thinking outside the box. A public speaker can motivate and leverage your team to adjust its ‘business as usual’ approach, to rise to the occasion and overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or business challenge. So what’s it gonna be…sink or swim?