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A Man's Decisions Affect Generations in "His Sins"

Surrey, British Columbia (Vocus) October 4, 2010

His Sins (published by Trafford Publishing) shares the dynamics of a loved ones that moves from overseas to Canada in 3 generational segments. Author Sylvia Behnish breaks down the altering approaches families come across love in her new novel.

?His Sins is a story about families and relationships about what the outcomes can be of 1 individual?s actions on an additional,? stated Behnish. ?It is also a story about the power of the human personality and how adversity can be overcome with strength and determination. Although it tells of bitterness and resentment, it speaks of enjoy.?

The novel begins in the early 1900s but follows Alexander and Janet?s family members although the generations beginning with their own. The second element is about their daughter, Elsa, and the struggles she goes by means of as an undesirable kid, eventually marrying a man significantly like her father. The third and final component is about Sarah Ann, the daughter of Elsa, who resolves to be powerful in life.

?Readers will think of comparable items that have occurred in their own lives or in the lives of those they know,? Behnish said. ?Most of us do not live in wholly functional families and I believe there would be a lot of, if not a lot of readers saying, ?I know specifically how she feels? or ?my father was just like that? when they read about Alexander or Peter.?

About the Author
Sylvia Behnish published her initial non-fiction book entitled Rollercoaster Ride With Brain Injury (For Loved Ones) based on her partner?s significant motorcycle accident and subsequent brain injury. She has published many articles on the web, in newspapers and in magazines in both Canada and the U.S. relating to brain injuries, motivational topics, household problems and travel. She has 5 kids and seven grandchildren.

Trafford Publishing is the premier book publisher for emerging, self-published authors. For a lot more information, please pay a visit to Trafford publishing.


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