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Darvis Simms, Personal Trainer Announces His New Website Focused On Fitness Over 40

Raleigh, North Carolina (PRWEB) June 17, 2009

Darvis Simms, personal trainer has published a new website with a focus on fitness over 40. Darvis who recently turned 50 years of age says he is as strong and fit now as he was at 25. Darvis says he wants to share his secrets of staying healthy and fit in his website called Fit-To-Be (Healthy and Strong for a Lifetime).

Simms says "most of the aches, pains, and illnesses that are associated with aging are the results of many years of inactivity, poor dietary choices, and negative thinking. I am 50 years old and I feel and look as good as I did at 25. I want to help others realize their health and fitness potential."

Darvis has over 15 years experience as a personal training during which he has helped hundreds of people reach their health and fitness goals. He is also a published author and motivational speaker. You can contact Darvis at his new website: http://www.fit-to-be.com.


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Best Practice Institute to Feature Globoforce in Online Learning Session

Southborough, Mass., and Dublin, Ireland (Vocus) June 18, 2009 -

Best Practice Institute, a community of leaders dedicated to pioneering and sharing best practices, will feature Globoforce's Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Strategy Derek Irvine as a guest speaker in its online learning session on June 23 at 12 p.m. EST. The free webinar, 'The Power of Global Strategic Recognition,' will provide insightful best practices to help viewers learn how to harness employee recognition to put their company on track to greater productivity in today's recessionary economy.

In the wake of layoffs, cutbacks on employee benefits and the elimination of raises and bonuses, companies are in dire need of effective strategies that will lift employees out of recessionary ruts and ignite productivity in the workforce. In this timely webinar, Irvine will inform viewers how strategic employee recognition can boost morale, re-engage disenchanted employees, galvanize them around critical company goals and values and ultimately enhance company performance. Irvine will highlight the five tenets of global strategic recognition, which address best practices acquired from Globoforce's work with some of the world's largest and most diverse global organizations. He will also explain how companies can re-align and consolidate existing rewards budgets to accomplish this critical task at a savings of more than 50 percent of existing program costs.

The webinar is particularly beneficial to human resource executives, managers and directors of benefits or recognition and reward programs, as well as executives interested in increasing workforce morale and productivity. To access the free webinar, click here and insert promo code DIBPI1 (must be entered in all capital letters). The promo code box is located on the right side of the screen under the member log-in box. Instructions will follow. After the live event, the webinar can be accessed on Globoforce's website at http://www.globoforce.com/corporate/eng/innovation-center/webinars/.

About Globoforce
Founded in 1999 and co-headquartered in Southborough, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland, Globoforce is the world's leading provider of global strategic employee recognition solutions for Global 2000 companies. Named a 2008 Inc. 500 company, Globoforce delivers an innovative, easy-to-use, on-demand software solution that engages employees across the globe, transforming the way enterprises motivate their workforce. Globoforce's blue-chip customer base, which includes Avnet, Biogen Idec, Dow Chemical, Global Crossing, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Intel, Intuit, Procter & Gamble, Quintiles and Thomson Reuters, reflects the importance of recognizing and engaging the workforce in the 21st century. For more information, log on to http://www.globoforce.com or visit the Company's blog at http://globoforce.blogspot.com/. Globoforce can also be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube; click here for details.


The First Person With MS Scales Mount Everest Completing "Seven Summits" Quest

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) June 18, 2009

On top of the world! That's where 52-year-old Lori Schneider stood for 10 exhilarating minutes. Right at that moment, she became the first person with Multiple Sclerosis to climb Mt. Everest and complete the Seven Summits -- climbing the tallest peaks on every continent. Lori is now one of only 25 women in history to complete the Seven Summits and one of only three women over 50 to do so.

Lori attributes her incredible success to a can-do attitude, phenomenal training regimen, and LivingFuel superfoods. She began her amazing adventure in 1993 by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. During the next six years she climbed mountains in Africa, Asia, South America, Colorado, France and Switzerland. Just months after being diagnosed with MS in 1999, Lori climbed Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.

Lori's biggest challenge was Mt. Everest -- the world's highest peak. Her climb began with 12 months of intense training. She began the actual ascent from Everest Base Camp on April 14, 2009, and after five weeks of acclimatizing to the high altitude and difficult climbing, she reached Camp Four at 26,000 feet (8,000 meters).

Summit Day began May 22 at 10:00 p.m. Lori and her team reached the 29,035 foot (8,850 meter) summit of Mount Everest after a grueling 10-and-a-half hour climb in negative four degree cold, 60 mph winds and virtual white-out conditions. She stood on top of the world for 10 minutes and then began her descent -- another dangerous six hours down out of the treacherous Death Zone, where 80% of Everest climbing accidents occur. Lori and her team arrived back safely at Everest Base Camp on May 25 ending the 51-day adventure. The entire experience was stunning and surreal.

"The next day it hit me how wonderful it had been to be on top of the world," says Lori Schneider, 52-year-old mountain climber and motivational speaker.

Lori learned long ago how important it is to supplement the climbing company's high carbohydrate diet with high quality nutrition. Lori's nutritionist and acupuncturist Dr. Julie Casper recommended Living Fuel's products while Lori was training for her most recent climb. Lori began drinking the LivingFuel super smoothies and noticed an overall improvement in her energy levels and general health.

"I like Living Fuel so much better. It gives me high quality nutrition. I won't use anything else. The ingredient list is phenomenal and it tastes great!" Lori continues.

"Lori is clearly an example of living life to its fullest. We congratulate her on all her physical and mental accomplishments," explains Living Fuel Founder and CEO K.C. Craichy. "Her incredible achievements will inspire countless others to overcome obstacles in their own lives."

About Lori Schneider
Schneider is a world class mountain climber and motivational speaker, helping people move beyond their fears and limitations. She is based in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Through her company, Empowerment Though Adventure, Lori offers adventure and climbing experiences for people with MS. For more information, visit http://www.empowermentthroughadventure.com.

About Living Fuel, Inc.
Living Fuel is the leader in superfood nutrition in purity, potency, quality and truth. The company's mission is to change lives with leading-edge, high-end superfoods. Living Fuel's quality products are meticulously designed with integrity and fresh, all-natural, organic ingredients whenever possible. For more information about Living Fuel or its products, visit http://www.livingfuel.com or contact the company directly at (866) 580-3835.

# # #

Bring the "Lizard Philosophy" to Work - Enterprise Media Announces the Release of "Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna?" Hosted by Sam Glenn

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) June 19, 2009

Enterprise Media announced the release of its latest program with Sam Glenn. "Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna" is a 22-minute training program. This program is designed to help employees learn how to bring their best attitude to every interaction they have with customers and coworkers.

Laughing While Learning

Everyone loves to laugh and wouldn't it be nice to enjoy learning while smiling. Enter, Sam Glenn in "Who Put the Lizard in My Lasagna?" Sam Glenn has a unique way of telling stories by using anecdotal situations that have occurred in his life. They are often very funny and may even conjure up memories from your own past.

In "Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?" Sam uses the concept of the lizard --- the idea of using the best of what you have to create the best of what you want. This mindset determines what experiences and rewards you will attract into your life. The "Lizard in My Lasagna" began when Sam's mother put a plastic lizard in a big pan of lasagna as a joke. Sam was feeling depressed after some business setbacks, but when he discovered the lizard he began to lighten up and laugh. That started a long-standing joke between Sam and his family. But, more importantly, it changed Sam's attitude and the rest is history!

We all want to invite success into our lives. We all want to make our interactions with others more meaningful. So how do you do that? How can you create the best of what you want? How do you bring the lizard into your life? Sam Glenn provides the tools by using stories from his experiences at home and on the road to explain the four key principals in the Lizard Philosophy. The principles - Be Creative, Remember What's Important, Go Above And Beyond, and Have Fun, - are key to having a happier and more positive work environment and life.

Sam Glenn, creator of the Lizard Philosophy and host of the new program said, "Many people are familiar with the 'Fish Philosophy' business training programs based on the best-selling book and video 'Fish!' My 'Lizard Philosophy' explains how every person can bring their creativity, enthusiasm, and positive attitude to every interaction with customers and coworkers."

The "Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna" training package includes the DVD of the program, a Leader's Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, reproducible materials for handout, and Sam Glenn's book, "Who Put A Lizard In The Lasagna?"

"Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna" is part of a complete video based training series featuring Sam Glenn. The other two programs in the series are "A Kick In the Attitude" and "When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail." This program is available from Enterprise Media and can be previewed by visiting our website at http://www.enterprisemedia.com or by calling the company at 1-800-423-6021.

Sam Glenn is a leading motivational keynote speaker. This once nighttime janitor who slept on borrowed floor space now invigorates audiences of every size and some as large as 75,000 with sidesplitting humor, inspirational insights and candid simplicity. Sam Glenn is regarded as the nation's foremost Authority on Attitude

Zrii Announces Dates and Locations for 2009 Convention-Recap Be Free Tour

Draper, UT (PRWEB) June 21, 2009

Zrii, LLC (http://www.zrii.com) announced their 2009 Be Free Tour where Corporate management will travel throughout eight metropolitan cities in the United States to recap the events of their recent Convention.

The Tour will encourage and empower Independent Executives to build their Zrii businesses by carrying the momentum and announcements of Convention. The 2009 Salt Lake City Convention took place June 3-6, beginning with an exclusive evening dinner for top leaders. Thursday provided Independent Executives with tours of the Zrii Corporate Office and processing plant, and the day ended with a red party welcome reception with Founder and CEO, Bill Farley. Friday and Saturday hosted three general sessions featuring an enthusiastic Tony Robbins and amazing Dr. Deepak Chopra, who are considered to be two of the greatest motivational speakers in the world today. The event concluded with an Independent Executive Recognition Red Carpet Gala and entertainment by singing-sensation and Chicago native Shelley MacArthur.

"For those who attended, I can positively say that this Convention was our best yet," said Kevin Larson, Senior Director of Marketing. "We want all of our Independent Executives around the country to get a taste of the energy and excitement that we had for three incredible days. We hope to see as many people as possible at each Be Free meeting!"

The 2009 Be Free Tour begins June 22 and travels to select cities across the country: June 22, Scottsdale, AZ; June 24, Denver, CO; June 29, San Diego, CA; June 30, Los Angeles, CA; July 2, Fort Lauderdale, FL; July 7, Long Island, NY; July 8, Rochester, NY; and July 9, Chicago, IL. Times and locations can be found at http://www.zrii.com.

Zrii, LLC, is an international wellness company that utilizes the direct selling industry to market an exclusive nutritional beverage. Based primarily on the Indian fruit known as amalaki, Zrii's product is fully endorsed by the prestigious Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Zrii has over 65,000 Independent Executives in the United States, Canada, and Mexico who help individuals achieve better health and wealth. Founded in October 2007, Zrii achieved almost $ 45 million in revenue during its first year of business.


Consignment Industry Leader, Tracy True Dismukes, To Present Keynote Address for Resale Shop Owners National Industry Association Conference

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Tracy True Dismukes, owner of three Collage Designer Consignment women's clothing stores in Birmingham, Alabama and founder of the Consignment Chic television show and online community for consignment shoppers, will deliver the keynote address at the 22nd Annual Conference for the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops (NARTS). Dismukes is the Immediate Past President of NARTS. According to Chris Cowman, President of NARTS, "Tracy's grasp of current events and leadership in the resale industry make her the best choice for keynote speaker. She is a great motivator and an industry expert."

In this struggling economy, few industries are flourishing like resale and consignment.
Consumers who have tightened their budget belts are now discovering that they can maintain the high standard of living they had become accustomed to by shopping consignment and resale. They can find high quality, in fashion, designer and better apparel, plus size clothing, accessories, designer handbags, shoes, children's clothing, furniture and home decor at prices 60% - 80% off retail every day. They can also make money by selling items on consignment that they are no longer using that are in perfect condition and in style. Dismukes said, "Where else can someone make a purchase without pulling out their wallet to pay? When selling items through a consignment shop, the consignor can purchase items with the credit accumulated from the sale of items in their account. It is a win-win solution for everyone!"

Through the keynote address, Dismukes intends to motivate the 320+ shop owners in attendance from across the United States and Canada to join together to promote consignment shopping through local, national and international efforts. According to Dismukes, "We all become larger in the eyes of the consumer when we combine our resources and work together towards our common goal - to excite and educate consumers about the thrill of shopping consignment and resale!"

Dismukes is the Host and Executive Producer of the Consignment Chic television show on the local CW affiliate and Owner of ConsignmentChic.com, a consumer-focused national website with video clips, blogs, store finder, message boards and information to educate and energize consumers about consignment shopping. This active online community for consignment shoppers is set to launch online shopping in an e-Commerce store comprised of merchandise from hundreds of consignment shops across the country in August, 2009.

Started in 1992, Collage Designer Consignment was voted Best Consignment Shop and Best Women's Boutique by readers of Birmingham Magazine and Dismukes was awarded Retailer of the Year by the Alabama Retail Association. Consignment Chic Television was created in December of 2008 when Dismukes recognized how the current economic downturn coupled with the renewed emphasis on recycling made it the perfect time to showcase the consignment and resale industry.


Users First Alliance Will Present a Social Networking Event at the RESNA Conference

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) June 24, 2009

Users First Alliance will be holding a social networking event on Thursday, June 25 at the RESNA Conference. The event is focused on giving the community of wheelchair users, clinicians and providers a voice through social networking. Guest Steve Thomas, President of the Internet marketing and development firm The Net Impact, will be available to discuss how social networking can organize and create a structure for wheelchair users and advocates to unite stories and achieve goals.

Topics for discussion include the use of social networking to support: acquisition of wheeled mobility, obtaining the appropriate equipment, and reimbursement for products and services. The presentation will be held from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Bayside C Room of the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel.

Steve Thomas, President of The Net Impact, said, "The Users First Alliance is an exciting and vibrant group. We are very pleased that The Net Impact can partner with Users First and assist in creating a strong and connected volunteer support base through the use of the available Internet based social networking tools. Through Twitter, Facebook, networked bloggers and other venues, the Alliance will be able to get the community informed and involved in the battle to make proper mobility equipment affordable and available to all of those who need it. UsersFirst.org seeks to be the primary resource for this community. The Alliance is already getting a lot of attention."

Ann Eubank, the Executive Director of Users First Alliance said, "The voice of the wheelchair consumer must be united to push back at current funding cuts for wheelchairs and accessories. With the tools of social networking, the time is right for the Alliance move forward and offer powerful resources to the community."

For more information on attending the seminar or the RESNA Conference, please visit http://www.resna.org/conference/index.php.

Users First Alliance is a non-profit organization that seeks to form a community dialogue that is active, vibrant and beneficial to all of those involved. The User's First Alliance seeks to ensure appropriate access to seating and mobility equipment by empowering Wheelchair Users, Clinicians, and Providers with education and information resources that inspire action and motivate change. For more information, please visit http://www.UsersFirst.org

The Net Impact, an Internet marketing and web design firm, is a division of Unidev. Since 1997, The Net Impact has been a St Louis web design leader, empowering clients with highly creative web design and search engine friendly websites. Professional services encompass search engine and Internet marketing solutions, Internet strategy development, training and seminars and website design. For more information, please visit http://www.thenetimpact.com.


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Bill Black Earns the Preeminent CExP? Designation for Exit Planning

Orange, CA (PRWEB) June 25, 2009

Bill Black, CLU, ChFC, member of The BEI Network of Exit Planning Professionals?, recently earned the designation of a BEI Certified Exit Planner (CExP?). The BEI CExP? designation is the standard for Exit Planning certification. Through training, rigorous testing and in-depth Exit Plan Creation coursework, Black has demonstrated that he is qualified to provide comprehensive, professionally executed Exit Planning services to the business owning community.

"Exit Planning Professionals who successfully complete the BEI Certified Exit Planner program have come to be known as premiere Exit Planning Professionals because their in-depth knowledge and demonstrated application of The BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process? perfectly positions them to counsel business owners and their advisors on a wide array of business issues ranging from building value within a business to identifying exit objectives, addressing key employee incentive planning and retention issues, incorporating business continuity planning, and establishing wealth preservation," said John Brown, President of Business Enterprise Institute.

The business owner community benefits from engaging an Exit Planning Professional who holds the BEI CExP? designation by having greater confidence that the service they receive is professional in quality, adheres to ethical and industry standards of practice, and meets a level of expertise BEI deems credible and worthy of one of its certified members.

About Bill Black, CLU, ChFC

Bill Black started in the financial services business in 1983. He is President & Founder of Exit & Retirement Strategies, Inc. (ERSI), a business consulting firm with offices in Orange County, CA and Denver, CO that specializes in working with closely-held business owners to develop and coordinate Succession, Exit & Transition ("SET") Strategies for the successful transition or eventual sale of their business. He is the Past Chairman of the NFP Private Business Group, a national organization comprised of over 150 financial services professionals who develop programs for Private Business Owners.

Bill has been a featured speaker locally and nationally for industry organizations, and is an instructor for several programs on various advanced market topics for Agents and Brokers, and has conducted Continuing Professional Education programs for CPAs, Attorneys, and financial professionals, including "How to Develop a 3-10 Year Business Succession, Exit & Transition (SET) plan" and "Motivating & Retaining Key Employees to Increase the Value of Your Business." For more information visit ERSI website

About the BEI Certified Exit Planner Designation

Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) trains and certifies BEI Certified Exit Planners (CExP?) to create comprehensive Exit Plans that meet the objectives of their business owner clients. Through training, rigorous testing and ongoing continuing education, CExP? designation holders provide comprehensive, professionally executed Exit Planning services. BEI requires specific training as a prerequisite to certification to assure that practitioners have the knowledge and understanding necessary to perform competent services, and to assure a level of consistency and continuity in their work product. A primary requirement for becoming a CExP? is to hold a valid license as a Certified Public Accountant, Attorney, Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter, Chartered Financial Consultant or equivalent professional experience. For more information, visit Certified Exit Planner


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National Mathematics Thought Leaders Dr. Francis "Skip" Fennell and Dr. Catherine Fosnot Join Dreambox Learning Advisory Board

Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) June 29, 2009

DreamBox Learning, an award-winning eLearning technology start-up, today announced the appointment to its advisory board of two nationally acclaimed mathematics education experts -- Dr. Francis "Skip" Fennell and Dr. Catherine Fosnot. These experts bring a combined 60+ years of forward-thinking math education leadership to the company as it continues to leverage its patent-pending platform to grow and extend its highly adaptive and effective products to cover grades K-12. The company's first product, called DreamBox Learning K-2 Math, recently won the prestigious Golden Lamp Award for Technology Innovation as well as the Distinguished Achievement Award for Educational Toys and Games from the Association of Educational Publishers.

International Schools in Japan Guidebook Released for 2009

Tokyo, Japan (PRWEB) July 1, 2009

International schools in Japan can be hard to find. Trying to find detailed information about a Japanese international school is even more difficult. This daunting task has now been simplified by the "Guide to International Schools in Japan" by bestselling author Caroline Pover. This guidebook about schools in Japan is essential reading for expatriate parents, internationally-minded Japanese couples, and bicultural families. It is the first-ever comprehensive guidebook written in English about international schools in Japan. The book gives parents the ability to examine over one hundred schools, all in one publication. This book is also a vital resource for adventurous teachers looking for the perfect Japanese school in which to continue their careers. Based on over 60 questions that parents ask when looking at educational options for their children, the "Guide to International Schools in Japan" features six pages on each Japanese international school located throughout the country.

This giant 692-page guidebook offers the most in-depth account of Japanese international schools available. The book contains information about: Japanese classroom and school size, history, goals, ethos, curriculum, facilities, hours, terms/semesters, vacations, Japanese school contact information, teacher and staff backgrounds and qualifications, school awards and recognitions, languages taught, language of instruction, services for bicultural children, special needs services, gifted child programs level, placement tests, religious affiliations, Japanese school lunch policies, disciplinary procedures, school buses, parking, security, homework expectations, school trips, special events, extracurricular, after-school, summer school programs, expected parental involvement, alumni activities, fees, discounts, application procedures, acceptance criteria, scholarships and much more.

If you are looking for Japanese international school policies, international schools in Osaka, a British school in Tokyo, or an American school in Japan, the "Guide to International Schools in Japan" is essential reading and a valuable reference. The book can be purchased directly at Caroline Pover's website: http://www.internationalschoolsguidebook.com

Caroline Pover is a former English primary school and Japanese international high school teacher and is a number-one bestselling author, motivational speaker, magazine and book publisher, and award-winning entrepreneur. With her second book, Caroline Pover draws upon her background in education and interest in child development as she combines her two passions: publishing and pedagogy.


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Pow Wow Comedy Jam with Williams & Ree at Chinook Winds Casino Resort August 7 & 8

Lincoln City, Ore. (Vocus) July 2, 2009

This comedy performance features six headline comedians that have left a long trail of laughter across the nation. Jim Ruel, Vaughn Eaglebear, Marc Yaffee, J.R. Redwater will all take the stage along with the hilarious featured dou of Williams and Ree. Hurry in for your tickets to this 3 hour show August 7 & 8 at 8pm. Tickets are $ 10 to $ 20 and can be purchased by calling 1-888-244-6665.

Marc Yaffee takes audiences on his hilarious journey of life as he discovers his Native American roots. Yaffee performs original comedy that people from all walks of life can relate to. The co-founder of Pow Wow Comedy Jam, Marc has entertained audiences on three continents, including U.S. Troops in the Persian Gulf, Germany, Korea and Japan. At home, Marc has played clubs and colleges in 26 states. His TV credits include "Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed" and SiTV's "Funny is Funny." "I'm a Mexican Irish Navajo, Mexi-jo. My ancestors exploited my own ancestors. I feel guilty and oppressed", says Marc.

Vaughn Eaglebear, nicknamed "The Frybread Assasin," has an original style of one liner laughs. Once the audience joins in on the Eaglebear ride there is no turning back. The laughs just keep rolling. When this ride is over, audiences will have a severe dose of comedy whiplash. An accomplished Pow Wow drummer and emcee, the multi-talented Eaglebear also wrote the song "John Wayne's Teeth" for the movie "Smoke Signals."

Jim Ruel's hilarious celebrity impressions in his own style are enough to keep you laughing all night. This funny Ojibwe is hard-wired for comedy. Ruel's creative comedic talents have earned him rave reviews from London to Los Angeles. As soon as the jokes fly out of his mouth, audiences know why he was selected as a finalist in NBC's talent Diversity Showcase and cast to appear on the BBC Comedy Show, "The World Stands Up." This Milwaukee native leaves audiences drunk with laughter. "Indians celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Except we call it "You're Welcome Day."

J.R. Redwater is like a jolt of comedy lightning who takes audiences by storm with his fearless style of raw comedy. Redwater spins the bitter hardships of reservation life into huge laughs. He has been called the "Reservation Sensation" for good reason; he is one of the most requested motivational speakers in Indian Country today, You will know why as soon you see JR hit the stage. This master storyteller delivers wall to wall laughs that connects with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The Pow Wow Comedy Jam has an added bonus with the addition of Williams & Ree who have been performing together for more than 28 years. During that time they have shared stages with such superstars as Garth Brooks, The Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels, and Randy Travis. They have worked as regulars on "Hee Haw", appeared as regular guest stars on the "Country Kitchen" with Florence Henderson, hosted LAFF TV with WILLIAMS & REE, and co-hosted The Charlie Daniel's Talent Roundup. Their show is a lively, fast-paced mixture of comedy bits, social/political commentary and racial zings entwined with original songs. Not limited to comedy, Williams & Ree were nominated for Best Vocal Duo by the Country Music Association in 1995.

Showtimes are 8pm on Friday and Saturday August 7 & 8. Tickets range from $ 10 to $ 20 and can be purchased by calling 1-888-244-6665. Visit us on the web at http://www.chinookwindscasino.com for more information on this and upcoming events.

Chinook Winds Casino Resort offers 24-hour Las Vegas-style gaming, an 18 hole golf course, headline entertainment from some of music's most legendary stars, three full service restaurants, secure childcare facility and arcade, and a 227 room ocean front hotel. Chinook Winds Casino Resort is located on the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon at 1777 NW 44th St. and is owned and operated by the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. For more information please visit http://www.chinookwindscasino.com or call 1-888-CHINOOK (244-6665).

Heather Hatton


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Help for People Who Are Sick and Tired

Buffalo, NY (Vocus) July 3, 2009

There is a growing interest in the relationship between food and health as more and more consumers reach for organic foods and foods made without chemicals, hormones and additives. Motivational speaker and specialty cookbook author Lisa A. Lundy makes available for the first time to the public a document aptly titled "Could Food Be Making You Sick and Tired?" which you can now download free from her website http://www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com. The document is an excellent primer addressing why there is such an explosion in the gluten-free diet, the value that the Feingold Association (http://www.Feingold.org) offers to people who want to be healthy, as well as the prevalence of celiac disease and other health conditions that are often helped by a change in diet including autism, ADD, ADHD, gastrointestinal issues, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel, behavioral, emotional and learning issues in children, allergies, depression and anxiety for starters.

Once source for people feeling sick or tired can be undiagnosed celiac disease. According to the University of Chicago's Celiac Disease Program, just over 3 million Americans have celiac disease, yet 97 percent of the people with celiac disease are undiagnosed. Celiac disease is more common than several other diseases that have become "household" words such as epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, Parkinson's disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can affect both children and adults. In people with an active case of celiac disease, eating gluten, an amino acid sequence found in wheat, barley, rye, some oats and other grains containing gluten, triggers the body's immune response and can damage or destroy the villi in the small intestine. While there is no cure for celiac disease, strict adherence to a gluten-free diet is the recommended treatment. Undiagnosed and untreated celiac disease increases the risk of cancer by 200-300% according to a fact sheet produced by the Celiac Sprue Association USA, Inc., a non-profit consumer organization dedicated to supporting individuals with celiac disease has a website with information and resources on the topic: http://www.CSACeliacs.org

"More and more Americans are reaching for organic foods and foods made without additives, preservatives and food dyes because consumers are realizing that food can have a big impact on how they feel. U.S. food manufacturers are reacting to consumer demand and preferences by removing additives," Lundy stated. "It is an exciting time for consumers as we now see some of the major food producers on TV promoting the fact that their food is either organic or made without hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or additives" Lundy said.

Lundy is the author of The Super Allergy Girl? Allergy & Celiac Cookbook (From A Mother Who Knows?), a gluten-free, casein-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut and tree-nut free and other allergen-free resource for both the beginner and experienced baker. She has more than a decade of experience with food allergies and celiac disease and has taught gluten-free baking classes in the Western New York community for many years.

Her cookbook, with more than 225 excellent recipes and over 100 pages of essential information has received extraordinary reviews from other mothers as well as from internationally known physicians like Doris J. Rapp, M.D. http://www.DrRapp.com. Order now to receive 10% off the list price of this exceptional book from http://www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com using the promotional code SICKandTIRED on the order. The 10% discount expires on July 31, 2009, and has a limit of one per customer.


Size: 6" x 9"

Becky Witt: Offering Immediate Help for Victims of the Job Market Meltdown

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 3, 2009

Instant relief for the headaches of job separation is no longer a major issue for the millions in need with the rollout of Becky Witt's Innovative Business Model that is around the exploding personal development industry. "Why look for a job that does not exist when I can offer a new career option that provides security and long term financial growth?" said Wiitt.

Becky Witt grew up in Northern Florida, graduated from the University of Florida and has lived outside of the USA since 1979. "I have lived in the Virgin Islands and have called Costa Rice home since 2002," said Witt, "and have a work background with various titles ranging from Lab Manager for a company that produces rum, to the role of General Manager for a company that is a subsidiary of a Fortune 250 company that specialized in producing Southern Comfort products. I had some personal challenges starting in the year 2008 that forced me to look at other options in my business world, and through analyzing the personal development industry and the worldwide rapid growth, I became fascinated on the potential and I now have in place a business model (http://www.Wealth-and-Freedom.com) that is changing lives forever and is built on a very strong Three Business Concept."

A 90 Day Home Study Course: "Great way to change old habits and learn the fundamental principals to building the financial future that many only dream about as Associates are supplied with information that is guaranteed to have individuals moving in the proper path for success in a very short period of time."

A 3 Day Conference for Two People: "When you offer an event that allows serious minded entrepreneurs the opportunity to rub shoulders with notable speakers such as Andy Andrews, Michael Losier, and Patrick Combs, it creates an atmosphere built on nothing but positive feedback along with attendees given the chance to solidify all learned information with feedback from some of the top trainers in the industry."

A 5 Day Conference for Two People: "This annual week long event is held at exotic locations ranging from Rome to Australia, and includes Legendary motivational speakers such as Bob Proctor helping associates finalize a gameplan with all learned information to guarantee a lifelong journey of creating personal wealth that normally has been limited to a very select group of individuals. This is the ultimate graduation week and a week that creates memories that will last forever!"

Becky Witt is marketing her business model on a worldwide scale of over 150 countries and is very anxious to talk with all individuals from all walks of life in need of a serious change and a new direction in their lives. "I've been through the ultimate challenges life can offer," said Witt, "and marrying my wonderful husband in 2005 made me realize that having the proper support in life helps create the proper mindset and that is what I offer to my associates. My products are offered in both Spanish and English, and with a direct commission payout of up to $ 8,000 per transaction with an industry estimated to generate $ 65 billion annually, I would dare anyone to find a better situation for Home Based Entrepreneurs. I have the freedom that allows me to spend quality time with my husband and six dogs at our home in Atenas, and a proven business model that offers a quick and needed solution to the millions who are suffering due to job elimination. Don't let life dictate... You dictate to life that your goals will be reached and that is possible with one quick call to my office!"

Ms. Witt can be reached at 386-868-2174


Free White Paper and Video to Help Moms Dealing with Colic and High Maintenance Children

Buffalo, New York (Vocus) July 4, 2009

Help is available to mothers dealing with babies who have colic and 'high maintenance' children in the form of a free downloadable white paper offered by motivational speaker, food expert and allergy cookbook author, Lisa A. Lundy, on her website: http://www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com. The white paper lists symptoms of food allergies in infants and toddlers and young children, provides suggestions for nursing moms dealing with infants who have colic, distinguishes signs of life-threatening food allergies and GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease) and much more. Ms. Lundy's video can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com. As the mother of three food allergy children, Ms. Lundy knows firsthand how difficult it can be to have a baby who has colic or to have a child who is 'difficult' or high maintenance.

The Feingold

Total Career Success -- Steve Howard on Boomer Selling: Helping the Wealthiest Generation Buy and Accelerate Economic Growth

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 6, 2009

Steve Howard, nationally known speaker and writer, is founder of The ACT Group, Inc., a training and consulting firm. His new book, Boomer Selling, is a practical resource to help organizations understand the motivations and buying habits of this unique generation. "When the American economy recovers, it will be on the backs of Baby Boomers," said Steve Howard. Howard shows in Boomer Selling why:
?Baby Boomers are the engine that drives our economy
?Most companies are wasting money going after the wrong customers
?Customization is critical when selling to boomers
?80% of Boomers are willing to pay for premium products

While much emphasis has been placed on generations X and Y and the Millennial in our society, Howard points out the incredible buying power and influence of this record setting generation. Consumer spending is the backbone of our economy, so the best thing any business in America could do right now is to learn how to sell to Boomers. It's not only good business, it is good for the economy!

Show co-host Sheryl Dawson shared, "Steve Howard has his finger on the pulse of the Boomer generation. His analysis of their purchasing motivations and styles are right on target - I know, because I am one of them!"

Co-host Ken Dawson added, "You may be asking what boomer selling has to do with careers. As Steve points out, consumer spending represents two thirds of the economy and Boomers have 70% of the country's wealth. Those statistics are proof that a great reservoir of economic buying power is waiting to be tapped. When it flows into the economy, job and career opportunities will be enhanced as well. Listen in for practical techniques to improve your company's sales strategies and win over a loyal customer base."

The show is designed to inform and encourage listeners to achieve their career goals by featuring experts and business leaders to provide advice on job search and career advancement. To listen to the broadcast, please visit http://www.voiceamerica.com and enter Total Career Success. The show will air live at 11 a.m. - noon Central on July 6 and will then be available as an archive on the web site, or can be downloaded to MP3 players and cell phones.

Steve Howard, Consultant and Author

Steve Howard is a nationally known speaker and writer. He is founder of The ACT Group, Inc., a training and consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. The unique perspective he brings to his readers, audiences and clients comes from his diverse background. His marketing and sales responsibilities have included distributing psychological warfare leaflets from a low flying airplane in Viet Nam, establishing a new statewide territory for a national service organization, and designing effective sales and marketing programs for his clients on limited budgets.

Steve Howard is the author of 50 Low Cost Ways to Acquire New Customers and Boomer Selling

Video Exposes Underlying Reasons for Health Issues

Buffalo, New York (Vocus) July 8, 2009 -

Motivational Speaker and cookbook author Lisa a. Lundy is leading the charge for outing what she calls America's top secret medical disorder - celiac disease in a new video you can view here. Celiac disease is more common than Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease, which are diseases that are household words in our country. Celiac disease is estimated to affect at least 1% of the U.S. population, yet currently 97% of the people with celiac disease do not yet know that they have celiac disease. Undiagnosed celiac disease increases the risk of cancer by 200-300% according to a Celiac Sprue Association Fact Sheet that you can download http://www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com. Undiagnosed celiac disease also increases the risk of miscarriage by 800-900%. There are over 300 signs, symptoms, complications and associated disorders associated with celiac disease including abdominal pain or bloating, acid reflux, anemia, anxiety or depression, arthritis, constipation or diarrhea, chronic fatigue, diabetes, headache or migraine, insomnia, irritable bowel, miscarriage, malnutrition, heart disease, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, dental enamel defects, infertility and cancer.

Celiac disease, the most common autoimmune disease in the world, can affect both children and adults. While there are many symptoms for celiac disease, an individual can have an active case of celiac disease without having any symptoms. Eating gluten, an amino acid sequence found in grains like wheat, barley, rye and other common grains, in a person with an active case of celiac disease will damage, flatten or eventually destroy the villi in the body's small intestine. Early diagnosis often allows the villi to grow back and restores the body to full health. The treatment for celiac disease is eating foods that are gluten-free.

The staggering numbers, over 3 million Americans with a potentially life-threatening disease, are causing some speculation as to why this is the current state of affairs. Two consumer organizations dedicated to helping people get diagnosed with celiac disease and to supporting newly diagnosed celiacs are the Celiac Sprue Association USA, Inc., http://www.CSAceliacs.org, and the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, http://www.GLUTEN.net. You can find out about restaurants that cater to the gluten-free community by visiting http://www.GlutenFreeRestaurants.org, a program sponsored by the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

Lundy knows firsthand the difficulty in getting a diagnosis for celiac disease. When she was first nursing her second son, she noticed that he would cry inconsolably for hours on end if she ate a meal that was high in wheat. As he began eating table foods, it became even more obvious that wheat was just one of many foods that bothered her son. After a great amount of effort, Lundy's son was finally diagnosed with celiac disease.

When asked if the gluten-free diet is hard, Ms. Lundy laughs. "We do a gluten-free AND dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free diet every day! It is not that hard. My children are thriving. If it were not for their modified diet, I would have two hyperactive, hard to manage, challenging boys." Lundy has set up a content rich website to help people using or considering using a gluten-free and allergen-free diet.

Lundy's cookbook, "The Super Allergy Girl? Allergy & Celiac Cookbook -From A Mother Who Knows?", is a gluten-free, casein-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut and tree-nut free and other allergen-free resource to help people using special diets. With it's bright pink and green artistic and whimsical cover, you will realize that this is not just a me-too allergy or celiac cookbook. The first 100 pages are filled with helpful, must know information for special diets. Over 225 delicious recipes fill this highly praised book. Her book is available at http://www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com.


First Fully Functional Quadriplegic in History to Race Dragboat During Cowtown Dragboat Nationals weekend, July 11

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) July 8, 2009

Patrick Rummerfield, the first fully functional quadriplegic in the history of medicine, announced today that he has been invited by Extreme Beverage Company, makers of Bookoo and Fire it Up beverages, and by the organizers of the Cowtown Dragboat Nationals, to test-race a dragboat on July 11, during the racing weekend at Marine Creek Lake in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Mr. Rummerfield, who remained paralyzed from the neck down following an auto accident in 1974, was given 72 hours to live, and subsequently baffled the medical community by teaching himself to use his arms and legs again through self-determination and grueling, uncharted therapy, will test the Jetboat-style dragboat in preparation for his attempt to break the World Record for speed with an electric boat.

Patrick Rummerfield is no stranger to world records: in addition to being the world's first fully functional quadriplegic, he is the holder of the FIA World Landspeed Record with an electric car, taking his electric vehicle to over 250 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, in 1999. Patrick is also the holder of 33 World's Firsts.

"I have always been fascinated by fast races, as long as they are performed in safe, controlled places," commented Patrick from his St. Louis, MO home. "The Cowtown Dragboat Nationals are just that venue! I want to show the world that, with the right commitment, iron will, and desire to succeed, anything is possible. I am thankful to Extreme Beverage Co. for this exciting opportunity."

Mr. Rummerfield, who is rumored to be in talks with a car racing team for races in the NASCAR, ARCA, and ADRL circuits, will navigate the jetboat in a solo exhibition run that will take him to speeds in excess of 100 mph.

"We are honored to be able to have Patrick take one of these incredible boats for a spin!", said Ken Reedy, of Quick Water Productions, promoter of the national race, which is expected to attract over 150 racers this year. "Determination, focus, and desire to win are what dragboat racing is all about. If we can play a role in allowing Patrick to establish the world speed record with an electric boat, and inspire others to reach for the stars in the process, we will have done a good thing."

Mr. Rummerfield, whose solo run will take place in the afternoon of July 11, will use this experience to prepare himself for the upcoming attempt at breaking another world record. His primary focus, however, is to bring awareness to the importance of activity based restorative therapies and paralysis research.

About Patrick Rummerfield:
Patrick Rummerfield is the first fully functional quadriplegic in the history of medicine. Following a 1974 car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down, Patrick entered an uncharted and grueling regimen of physical therapy and physical and psychological support. With sheer determination and an iron will, Patrick regained function to his limbs, and went on to race marathons all over the world, including the Ironman Triathlon, the Gobi Desert march, and the Antarctica marathon, and to establish the FIA World Land Speed record on an electric car, along with 33 World Firsts. Today Patrick works with the International Center for Spinal Cord Injury at Kennedy Krieger Institute and has co-founded Adventures on Wheels, a nonprofit organization developed to bring the world of adventure to those affected by spinal cord injury. Patrick is an accomplished motivational speaker. For additional information visit http://www.Rummerfield.com.


StreamingFaith.com Presents "Inspired Connections" Featuring Key Female Faith Influencers To Discuss the TNT Hit Drama, HawthoRNe, Starring Jada Pinkett Smith

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 9, 2009

Starting July 8th through August 16th, StreamingFaith.com, the leader in faith-based internet broadcast solutions in conjunction with Results, Inc., a leading urban faith-based entertainment and promotions agency, will exclusively present Inspired Connections, a weekly panel discussion with six (6) of the top female faith influencers in the country, Lady Bridget Hilliard; Lady Deana Jobe; Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie; Pastor Susie Owens; Pastor Paula White; and Pastor Lisa Young, to discuss aspects of the new TNT drama, HawthoRNe, starring Jada Pinkett Smith, as Christine Hawthorne.

Each Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30pm - 8:30pm EST, viewers will go exclusively to StreamingFaith.com to hear and see the panel member's point-of-view, and have the opportunity to participate in a one-hour live chat discussing the social aspects of the show and how it affects and relates to everyday life with women in mind. Episode video reflections of the show from the various panel members will also be available 24 hours a day until August 16th.

"We are so excited to be a part of what is going to be such a powerful weekly discussion with some of the top key female influencers of faith", says Chance Mason, President of Streaming Faith. "This will be the first time that an assembly like this has come together to discuss "real" issues that face women each and everyday. I am encouraging the Streaming Faith viewers to log-on each week to hear these women bring a message that will encourage and enlighten you", continues Mason.

"We are truly proud to work with TNT on this meaningful project. Their creative brilliance, out of-the box thinking and respect of this segment allowed us to put together a unique faith oriented campaign highlighting these awesome women leaders using the powerful themes of the show as life teaching tools" stated Melanie Few, President of Results Inc.

To be apart of this StreamingFaith.com exclusive event log-on to http://www.streamingfaith.com each Wednesday and Thursday evening. For more information on the new TNT drama, HawthoRNe, starring Jada Pinkett-Smith, visit http://www.tnt.tv/series/hawthorne.

About the Panelist

Lady Bridget Hilliard (along with her husband Dr. I.V Hilliard) is the co-founder of the dynamic New Light Christian Center Church ("One Church, Multiple locations") in North, South and East Houston; Beaumont and Austin, Texas. Their passion to take God's Word to a hurting and lost generation has resulted in a current church membership of over 28,000 and counting.

Lisa Young is the wife of Senior Pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church. In addition to joining Ed on stage for special weekend messages, she helps direct many of the creative and organizational aspects of Fellowship Church and its affiliated members. She has written a cookbook "Body for God", which offers simple, down-home recipes that are healthy, filled with flavor and easy to prepare any culinary expert. She enjoys cooking, nutrition, fitness and spending time with Ed and their four children.

Dee Jobe is Mark's wife and long term partner in ministry. Dee grew up in Chicago and became a believer at an early age. Dee has a dynamic ministry in worship, coaching pastor's wives and overseeing multiple ministries. Dee and Mark met and married in their early 20's after three years of dating. Dee has a contagious laugh, a deep concern for children and a love for God that is quickly evident.

Evangelist Susie Owens serves alongside her husband in ministry as the Co- Pastor of Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, a progressive, inner-city church with an adult membership of more than 7,000. In her spare time, she enjoys the theater reading and spending time with her two children, Alfred Thomas and Kristel Moneek and grandchildren - Nathan, Darian, Nicholas, and William.

Pastor Paula White is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Preacher, Author, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Teacher, TV Personality and Mother. Her story is one of tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity. She has been called a Phoenix, having risen up from the ashes of tumultuous early years to dedicate her life to pulling others out of their circumstances so that they can focus in on Gods unique plan of destiny for their lives. Today, Paula White is an inspiration to millions around the world who seek Gods love. She hosts an international television program, spearheads humanitarian efforts worldwide, all while traveling the world fulfilling her mission and call to Transform Lives, Heal Hearts and Win Souls.

Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie serves as the 117th elected and consecrated bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Her historic election in the year 2000 represents the first time in the over 200-year history of the A.M.E. Church, in which a woman had obtained the level of Episcopal office. Later in 2004, she again made history by becoming the first woman to become the Titular Head of the denomination, as the president of the Council of Bishops. She served her one year term that made her the highest-ranking woman in the predominately Black Methodist denomination.

About HawthoRNe
Following in the footsteps of Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer and Holly Hunter in Saving Grace, Jada Pinkett Smith (The Women, The Matrix Trilogy) is the latest actress to bring her talent to TNT's arsenal of strong, complex female characters. In this character-driven medical drama told from the nurses' point of view, she stars as Christina Hawthorne, the forceful-yet-caring director of nursing at Richmond Trinity Hospital. When a patient's care is at risk, she will not hesitate to violate hospital protocol, defend her staff against egotistical doctors or firmly stand up to apathetic administrators who seem to have forgotten a hospital's true purpose. Recently widowed, she also has to take on her equally important role as a mother to a willful, rebellious teenage daughter. Pinkett Smith heads a diverse cast that includes David Julian Hirsh (Lovebites), Michael Vartan (Alias), Christina Moore (90210) and Suleka Mathew (Men in Trees). She also serves as executive producer, along with Emmy

How To Save Money on Organic Foods

Buffalo, New York (Vocus) July 10, 2009

As more consumers are waking up to using food as a way to improve health, demand for organic foods is at an all time high. Consumers looking to save money on organic foods can watch a short video or download a tip sheet at http://www.thesuperallergycookbook.com for ideas on big savings offered by motivational speaker and specialty cookbook author Lisa A. Lundy. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a government agency designated with leading the nation's environmental science, research, education and assessment efforts, there are more than 1,055 ingredients registered as pesticides, which are formulated into thousands of pesticide products available on the market. The EPA states:

"Pesticides may harm a developing child by blocking the absorption of important food nutrients necessary for normal healthy growth. Another way pesticides may cause harm is if a child's excretory system is not fully developed, the body may not fully remove pesticides. Also, there are 'critical periods' in human development when exposure to a toxin can permanently alter the way an individual's biological system operates."

Consumers looking for more resources and information on the damages pesticides cause to unborn babies, infants and children, the most vulnerable segments of the population, can find tip sheets and reports from the Environmental Working Group website. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a valuable non-profit organization whose mission is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment. The Foodnews.org website states: "Protecting our families' health from chemical exposures can start with minimizing children's exposure to pesticides. It is now well established that pesticides pose a risk to vital organ systems that continue to grow and mature from conception throughout infancy and childhood."

Historians state that pesticides have been used as far back as 5,000 years ago. The components used for pesticides back then were naturally occurring toxic chemicals such as arsenic, mercury and lead. The discovery by Paul Muller that DDT (dichlorodiphenyl-trichloroethane) was a very effective and inexpensive pesticide led to its increased use. Pesticide use has increased 50-fold since 1950. Some people refer to the 1940's and 1950's as the pesticide era. It was after Rachel Carson wrote a book called "Silent Spring" that a movement began to investigate the impact DDT and other pesticides on both human health and the environment.

Some consumers wonder if eating organic foods produce any health benefits. A study conducted by scientists at the University of Washington and published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a journal of the National Institutes of Health, did find that children fed predominantly organic produce and juice had only one-sixth the level of pesticide byproducts in their urine compared with children who ate conventionally farmed foods. While some parents will ultimately leave it up to the government to make foods safe for their families, a growing number of mothers are reaching for organic foods because they are proven to be safe. Ms. Lundy's 7-year-old daughter, Anne, requires organic foods because of a multitude of chronic and serious health issues.

Lundy's cookbook, ''The Super Allergy Girl? Allergy & Celiac Cookbook - From A Mother Who Knows?'', is a gluten-free, casein-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut and tree-nut free and other allergen-free resource to help people on a gluten-free, GFCF diet, or allergy-restricted diet. Her book is available at http://www.TheSuperAllergyCookbook.com . Her website is loaded with free information to help consumers have a healthy life in the area of food and special diets, notably allergen-free diets and gluten-free and dairy-free diets. Her daughter has multiple life-threatening food allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts and treenuts and her second son has celiac disease and lactose intolerance. She is passionate about helping people understand how they can use changes in their diet to resolve a wide variety of health issues and about getting the nearly 3 million Americans diagnosed with celiac disease.

Size: 6" x 9"
Pages: 405 pages
Soft Cover, Perfect Bound
ISBN#: 978-0-9797542-0-3

Loveandencourage.com Offers Free 20 Minute Phone Consultation Worth $50

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2009

Glenn Thomas M.S.W., LSCW, BCD is offering a free 20 minute phone consultation worth $ 50 regarding your child's behaviors when you sign up at http://www.loveandencourage.com/. Sign up for only 3 dollars and 95 cents (price of a cup of coffee) and get the 20 minute consultation worth $ 50 with the creator of the site. You also get to use the exceptional tools that are on the web site to help improve your child's behaviors. This offer of a free phone consultation is time limited.

Six years in the making and based on a U.S. patent, http://www.loveandencourage.com/ gives parents and teachers a way to use their own videos, photos, and graphics to motivate their children using "Daisies" that are like sticker charts on steroids. There are five forums included on the web site for parents, teachers, foster parents, and researchers to share ideas and Daisies. There are also numerous printing functions that allow you to print records. While your child is viewing the Daisies and becoming motivated to learn new behaviors, you can print out a sticker chart with customizable stickers.

The creator of loveandencourage.com, Glenn Thomas, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Board Certified Diplomat. Glenn runs the disruptive behavior program at a large multidisciplinary agency for children with behavioral and developmental concerns. Glenn is currently working on implementing a NIH grant proposal that was recently submitted through San Jose State University based on the "Children with Autism Parenting Education and Support Series" (CAPES). CAPES is a 15 week parenting series he co-authored. Glenn was named the National Association of Social Workers' "Social Worker of the Year 2004 to 2005" for the California Chapter Region B San Jose Unit. A part-time faculty member at San Jose State University, Glenn was a keynote speaker at SJSU's School of Social Work 2006 graduation ceremonies for its bachelors- and master-level graduates.

The web site is completely safe for children and is built to specific legal guidelines that keep children's identities protected and secure. Glenn said, "I designed this site to be perfectly safe for children. An adult cannot contact any child on our system, period." A 7-day free trial is available for everyone.

About loveandencourage.com
Loveandencourage.com is a California corporation with a U.S. patent and U.S. trademark. Its main focus is to provide information and tools for parents and teachers to help increase positive behavior in their children and students, while providing a completely safe web experience for children.


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