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6th Annual Commitment to Our Youth to Strengthen their Future (Press release)

6th Annual Commitment to Our Youth to Strengthen their Future (Press release)

6th Annual Commitment to Our Youth to Strengthen their Future

Youth Development and Capacity Building, Inc (YDACBINC) will be descending on Louisville, Mississippi of Winston County with the Winston County Youth Self Help Cooperative on March 12-14, 2010 at Imperial Place, 5710 Hwy 14 West, Louisville, Mississippi targeting youth k-12 and college level students with education outreach, empowerment sharing, mentoring, and Agricultural development.

Jean Harper, Director of the Winston County Youth Self Help Cooperative agrees with YDACBINC that our young people have not been provided enough education and development outreach opportunities to fuel a charge in them for their future. This Conference will provide some of the fuel and tools with healthy living “food nutrition”, finances “economy”, legal civil rights “outreach”, rural development, entrepreneurial ship/college internships, foreign languages, and more.

Our Keynote speaker is Cobby Mondale Williams of Jackson, Mississippi whom received his bachelor’s of Art in Speech and Human Communications and graduated from Howard University with a Masters in Public Administration/Public Policy, with a concentration in International Development. Mr. Williams is employed with the Department of Transportation, Washington, DC and a very strong advocacy for our youth future.

We will listen, elevate, participate, and collaborate during this 1 1/2day conference so that we can get ideas and their solutions so that each youth can capture a wave of there future. Many of these youth have already demonstrated growth and achievements in elementary, middle, and high school along with some of our early college year students, but we as a nation have to do more to help like those special people at USDA, Rural Development’s; Deputy Administrator for Operations, Clyde Thompson, and USDA, FSIS, OOETT; Agency Outreach and Small Farms Coordinator, Sibyl Wright and othersthat have answered the call for our youth with our 6th Annual Youth Conference 2010.

YDACBINC has traveled to Mississippi often to help impact the youth of Winston County and we have made progress throughout our 7 year commitment with them as well as in other states. We challenge all the nation’s corporations and governments (state/local) to help US change a century of neglect with our youth and there future.

Should you need additional information to participate or provide donations please contact Executive of YDACBINC, Dennis S. Murray Sr. 678-482-2212 or email at d.s.murray@ydacbinc.org and visit our website: www.ydacbinc.org.

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