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4 Reasons a Business Coach Should Be the Guest Speaker, Who Inspires Your Team

Companies looking to inspire their corporate team with a guest speaker need a business coach. All of the truly successful football teams had legendary coaches. Take Vince Lombardi and Pop Warner to name just two. These gentlemen were unbeatable when it came to finding ways to inspire their team. Year after year, they worked with their men to overcome obstacles on the playing field and off. They were role models, cheerleaders, mentors, and friends to their players.

A professional business coach can have the same effect on your team and provide an invaluable service as a guest speaker. “What is a business coach?” A business coach is an expert in the field of business who walks along side your team and inspires them to move forward.

It’s human nature. Employees are resistant to change and they can become jaded from time to time. Inviting a guest speaker, who is a business coach, to your organization or business can be just the thing your team needs to be reinvigorated to become champions.

A guest speaker, who is a business coach, is more effective than just a generic guest speaker because a business coach is:

  1. An expert in business, who has a finger on the pulse of corporate teams. Business coaches have led other business teams to victory. They know what employees need to hear to be motivated to work more efficiently.
  2. A business visionary, who can assess where the team is now and where they need to go. A generic guest speaker can be motivational, but they lack the ability to analyze your team and tailor their presentation so that it is relevant to the unique needs of your business team, and delivered in a manner which considers the workplace climate your team is operating within.
  3. An astute analyst keen at identifying the unique problems teams encounter in business. A guest speaker, who is also a business coach, is accustomed to the crises which confront business teams in this poor economy. A business coach is adept at helping a team brainstorm the potential options, problem solve, and adapt to change.
  4. A business professional, who knows the power of team and the synergy they produce. A guest speaker, who is trained as a business coach, is an expert in team dynamics and knows the skills, abilities, and talents which need to be represented by all members of your team. A business coach can suggest the resources and extended training which may need to be made available to your team to ensure their success.

If you want to ensure that your team is competitive and poised for success, consider hiring a business coach the next time you need a guest speaker to motivate your team.