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Chris offers a services in public speaking for public or private events and meetings as

well as offers consulting services. He speaks on a number of different topics which range

from ”leveraging your resources” to “being yourself”. He speaks at different press conferences, private functions, as well as inspirational events. With some consulting projects on the side, Chris also works with business owners and CEOs to help reduce workloads and work hours and well as restructure and reorganize businesses as needed in order to increase efficiency and production.

Chris Rugh keynote speaker rates.

United States & Canada………….$19,500 USD *
International……………………….$25,000 USD *

Depending on event we maybe accommodating and work within your speaker budget on a special needs basis. He books his engagements 3-24 months in advance. Volume discounts on his book are available to be included in your conference amenity bags to be given to all attendees upon meeting registration. For an extra fee the book may be customized to be co-branded specially for your conference. Many times conferences will get a sponsor to cover this cost.

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