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The world-wide revolution happening right now is real, and I believe in it. I believe America wants and needs to get back to work and that those with resources should help their fellow man achieve their dreams. That's why I wrote 1-800-Awesome: Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour - to help you succeed and, in turn, give something back to make our world a better place.

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Do you find it difficult to propel your business to the next level? Are you spending your valuable time and energy trying to drive your business instead of leading a fulfilled life with a balance of professional and personal satisfaction?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then you absolutely must read 1-800-Awesome: Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour. This book takes a unique view of running your business that will not only thrust your business beyond any limitations you are facing, it will give you the tools necessary to create balance in your personal and professional life.

Chris Rugh elevated himself from the slums of Detroit to a successful entrepreneur earning a seven figure income. The road to success was not easy and he faced countless hurdles along the way. Chris learned many valuable lessons that he now shares with you in his powerful book 1-800-Awesome: Tactics for Making $10,000 an Hour.

Just a few of the topics covered are:

  •     How to work the system and get rich
  •     How to use leverage to create the life you want
  •     How to make my secret formula for success work for you
  •     How to achieve work-life balance
  •     How to ditch the monkey suit
  •     How to bend time and be happy
  •     How to stop being a slave to your business
  •     And so much MORE!

Take a good look at where you are right now and the path you have taken to get here. Decide right now if you want to advance to the next level in your life and in your business. You have absolutely nothing to lose by trying these methods, but everything to gain.
So, what are you waiting for? Don't let another day go by with your business in the dump, or forever stuck on its plateau.

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Take a Peek at the Table of Contents

Introduction: A Formula For Success

1: Break the Rules
2: Know What You Want
3: Consider Your Risks
4: Make a Plan

5: Invest in Yourself
6: Learn to Lead
7: Get Out of the Way
8: Leverage to Free Your Time
9: Automate the Hell Out Of It

10: Be Happy
11: Let Your Style Shine
12: Change Your Environment
13: See Your Success
14: Stop Resisting
15: Beat the ADD
16: Find the Balance
17: Live in Hell Until You Do!